It’s the little things that help make it a home

Hey Everyone!

A couple of the few upsides / advantages / bonuses of working where I do, and the shift I work, is getting to see a lot of the new stuff as it comes in, and helping set it. So that means I get to see a lot of the new stuff first, and am able to pretty much get what I want. Having my employee discount definitely helps me save a little bit of money on the things I do want and get.

Even though I am trying not spend as much at work, which is sometimes hard (though it’s a bit easier now that the season is over), at least I am still able to get and use the $10 shoppers rewards when I earn them and the free coffee for every six bags purchased. So that does help a bit when there are things I do want.

This year, our spring transition has a lot of furniture and home decor for our post Christmas set. It seems to have gone a bit easier than the two sets we had last year.

The other day, I happened to have the cart full of the stuff that went on one of the empty fixtures, which was several vases and plenty of fake plants and succulents.

As I was working, I actually really liked one that I had put together, so I had picked it up. I had a base at home that I decided would be great for the two bunches I wanted.

This is what I had come up with, and I really liked it. My mom also really liked it, and wanted to steal mine, and I was like “no way Jose, even if I let you “borrow” it, I may never get it back. If you want one, you gotta get your own”. So she gave me money, and I got her one of her own.

It’s ever so slightly different from mine (not counting the base), that I can tell them apart, but yet have the same feel.

I love little things like these that help make a house and a room feel way more homey.

That is definitely one thing that I want to do again and more of when I have a home of my own. I did a bit of it in the last apartment I had in college, but as it was a rental and I was a poor college student (I didn’t have a job then), I couldn’t afford much in the way of decorations, but I did what I could. Over the years, as I have had jobs, and found stuff that I like, I have picked it up and been putting it away for when I have a place of my own again.

Looking for a New Home

Hey Everyone!

The time has come for me to really be looking at leaving Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest, in search of a career and home of my own.

Portland has been a good place to learn how to live a dairy free & gluten free life, as well and wanting to live a better life, and adhering to a clean eating lifestyle, that includes a lot more outdoor time.

My passion is for history (especially 1800 – about 1900 in the western US, as well as the 1950’s in American History), literature, homemaking, growing my own food, preserving food, knitting, and living a simpler lifestyle.

Portland can no longer meet my needs, or provide me a job, so it is time to move on, and expand my horizons and learn how other live, in a different part of the country.

Even though this blog won’t always be Simple Homemaking in the PNW, it will always Simple Homemaking, written by me, wherever I am living. I love writing my homemaking blog, and sharing my successes in clean eating, dairy free & gluten free food, gardening, and preserving food for winter. None of what I normally write about here will change, just where I am doing it, and what else I am doing in addition to what I have already been doing. There is so much more I want to do with this blog, and share, such as decorating, how I decorate myself, home organization, having a home library, as well as possibly having a craft room.

Interior Design Inspiration 

Hey Everyone!

Today I had gone to the Old Spaghetti Factory with some of my mom’s side of the family. This one was definitely more decorated than the one we normally go to. It has way more antiques, especially in the way of lamps and chandeliers. They looked like they were all from the 1920’s and 1930’s.

I am fascinated by old decorations, particularly those of the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1950’s. So this was right up my alley.

I thought these lamps and chandeliers were beautiful.

Preparing for my own Kitchen

Hey Everyone!

While I was in college, I had my own apartment, which meant I had my own kitchen. During that period, my kitchen was functional, yet very much a college students kitchen. Mismatched and buying what I needed as I went. In the years since I have graduated, I have always lived somewhere where the kitchen was never really “mine”. By that I mean, I could use it, but most everything in the kitchen, including decorations belongs to someone else. So, other than the few things I have in said kitchens that are solely related to my dairy free / gluten free existence and that I have picked up for myself, everything I own for a kitchen is all packed away in boxes. Over the years I have also been working on building up a “hope chest” of sorts, of items I want for when I get my own home as a post college, working, independent adult. 

When I was younger I wanted a black, white and red kitchen with cherries (the fruit), on what ever kitchen items I could find them on. 

Now that I have gotten a little older, I still want all the red and cherry print items, though, I am also liking more color. I also haven’t found the every day dishes I am sold on yet, so I still have some time to decide of that, but I have been picking up items I like, for my future kitchen. The items are definitely more colorful, and have some sort of red in them. 

Part of why I was out on the hunt for kitchen stuff today, is that I am looking for a biscuit cutter, for myself. You would think finding a biscuit cutter in general wouldn’t be too difficult, right? Wrong. The only place I have seen that even carries biscuit cutters, was out at the time. Every place else didn’t have biscuit cutters or even round cookie cutters sold by themselves. The whole reason I am looking for a biscuit cutter / round cookie cutter about the size of a biscuit cutter, is A) so I have one of my own, and B) because I have a gluten free / dairy free shortbread mix from Bob’s Red Mill, that I want to try once my Scottish thistle cookie stamp arrives. I also don’t want to pay $14+ and shipping by ordering one online, when I should be able to find one for under $5. I am just going to have to keep looking. By the time I find what I am looking for, my cookie stamp will have definitely arrived. 

Today I had been at IKEA, but did not find a biscuit cutter or even round cookie cutters. I did find a cute apron, some cute ice cube trays, some silicone muffin things, which I am obsessed with for using for spices when I bake, and some more dish towels. A few days ago, I had also picked up another good pastry blender so I will have a couple when I am able to move.