Hey Everyone!

Several months ago a friend of mine had hosted a Facebook Scentsy Party, which I had attended. I was skeptical at first, mainly because there are how many other products out there (including candle warmers and oil infusers) that are along the same idea. I decided to give it a try, and it took a little while but I found a couple of favorite scents that I use on a day to day basis. 

My two favorite Scentsy fragrances are: coconut lemongrass and sunkissed citrus. Both are light, clean, fresh scents that make a room or open area smell good without being super overbearing. 

There are several other scents I like, that are rated below my two favorites. Tahitian Black Orchid is my #3 scent. My favorite autumn scent is Pumpkin Roll, my two favorite winter scents are Silver Bells and Very Merry Cranberry. I also like Luna and Woodland Suede. Both Luna and Woodland Suede are stronger scents that I have to be careful with and use them in a large open room for a short amount of time. Luna reminds me of going to church with my grandparents as a kid, I can’t tell you why it does, it just does. 

I also have 5 warmers (I know, I am probably crazy). I have the cherry tree warmer, the one titled “Yukon” with the woods and the moose on it, as well as chasing fireflies (and it looks like a mason jar), as well as a pumpkin with a witches hat (for autumn) and a night light with a sand dollar on it. I love cherry blossoms, especially Japanese Cherry Blossoms, which is why the cherry tree one is my fave. I bought the Yukon warmer because I like the northern theme, and it fits well with the shower curtain and shower curtain hooks I recently bought for when I can move out. The sand dollar nightlight warmer is for the guest/main bath when I am able to move out, as it will go with the theme I have in mind for that. The Chasing Fireflies one will be for my kitchen.