Giving up Coffee?!?!?!?!?!?

Why would anyone in their right mind give up coffee? 

That is the same question I had asked many times over than many years I drank coffee. Then one August 1st, a couple years ago I had decided that I was going to do just that – give up coffee. I had stuck to that for close to a year, then over the course of time coffee and energy drinks had slipped back into my life to be about a weekly occurrence. 

The past few weeks I have really been feeling the adverse side effects of all the coffee and energy drinks I have been putting in my body. I haven’t been feeling as good. I have had headaches, been restless and jittery, and just felt off. It came to a point this evening, after having had a soy latte this morning. I was restless, feeling a little off and like I just needed to go out and go hiking. 

I know black tea still has about 47 mg of caffeine (about half that of a cup of black coffee), and when I would get a blackberry rebel from Dutch Bros I would get anywhere from 80 – 160 mg of caffeine, which is crazy. 

I am tired of the adverse side effects between the caffeine and sugar in coffee and energy drinks I have been putting up with for far too long. 

Simple cooking

Hey everyone!

This week I cooked up some chicken thighs. I had mixed together a packet of dry onion soup/dip mix (Safeway brand), with some garlic powder, concentrated chicken broth flavor boost packets, and mayo. I the pit that concoction over the top of the chicken, and baked it at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes or until done.

I had my first latte in 2.5+ months yesterday. I had had a couple cups of coffee a couple weeks ago. I can totally tell that the coffee has a negative effect on my system, and it was a wise decision to give it up. I laid in bed wide awake until 3 this morning, and the kept waking up until I got up at 9.

Now that I have been off dairy completely for about 2 years, and dealing with food sensitives for almost 3 years, I just cook. I still read labels, but it is just how life is and I am used to it. It does take time, but it is worth it.

Coffee Update

I have been off of coffee for more than a month and a half now. I have definitely noticed a difference in my body. My sleep pattern has definitely evened out, and I am still having an easier time of falling asleep at night. I have also noticed that the headaches that I would quite often wake up with, and linger throughout the day have disappeared.

I don’t know if it is caffeine in general or the acid in the coffee that I have a sensitivity to, as I drink a cup of black coffee a day (Bigelow’s Vanilla Chai Spice tea), but otherwise drink water or herbal tea.

The past month and a half has been a lot easier than I thought it would. The fact that I am not working at the moment also has helped the withdrawl process and made that easier. Now that I have been off coffee I don’t have any plans to start drinking it again. Even when I was drinking coffee I was doctoring it up really good with coffee creamer (prior to dairy intolerance) and sugar (post dairy intolerance). I had a hard time drinking it straight. Just as well I went off of it.

Day 2 of No Caffeine

Hey Everyone! 

I am going off coffee and caffeine in general. I have been an avid consumer for years, and it is finally catching up with me. I know that going off coffee won’t be easy, but I am hoping that in about a month or so, that I actually have found a new normal. 

I was totally expecting the whole grumpy, tired, not wanting to be around people thing to happen, and it has hit. I am definitely an emotional train wreak at times, and it is not fun. I also have not been hungry really today. That is kind of weird, I am normally getting really hungry by 4 pm, and that is with having a late breakfast. Today I had a normal breakfast at a normal time, and was not hungry at 4:00, and I had not even had lunch. I had to force myself to eat a salad and some breakfast links, because I knew I needed the calories. I could get used to the reduced appitite, and I know it would do my body good to lose some weight. 

I have also been tired and moody today, which I totally expected, as caffeine is a stimulant and a drug and I knew going into this it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park (as I have been drinking coffee daily for more than a decade). I have also noticed that I have been drinking way more water than I had even a couple days ago. I have also slept better the last couple of nights. Of late I would wake up with a head ache, but I have been virtually headache free for a good 36 hours.