Making Changes

Hey Everyone!

I am making some minor changes to this blog in that I am adding to the scope and depth of what I blog about. I will still be blogging about home, homemaking, decorating, what urban homesteading I am able to do, finding a sense of community in the large city, products I use and like, especially those that are more natural and have fewer chemicals, as well as gluten free/dairy free life. 

Having had to go Dairy Free and generally avoid gluten, has changed my life in more ways than I ever thought it would. In many ways it has forced me to open up to the alternative lifestyles and cultures that have made their home in this city. In many ways I grew up very mainstream, where all my food came from the chain grocery stores, and my clothes came from the mall, and I didn’t think about what was actually in what I was putting in my body and applying to my body. I had to start thinking about it more, and start reading labels on everything. It really started bothering me that there all these chemicals and things I couldn’t pronounce in what I was eating and using on my body. 

It took a couple years to really embrace the whole completely dairy free, mostly gluten free lifestyle that includes way more healthy fresh foods, or at least minimally processed, with the only ingredients being things I can pronounce and know what they are. Then I found ItWorks, and the  products, some of which I love. I love Greens, Greens Chews, Hair Skin Nails, and itsvital core nutrition. Within my first month of being an ItWorks distributor, I came across Perfectly Posh, which a friend of mine is a consultant for. I have been trying some of their products, a few of which I love. I have found that the BFF face wash is amazing (I have combo/oily skin) it dries my face enough in the right places without over drying the other places. I also have been using Smashing Good Pumpkin, which is an anti acne body and face clay. I started using the BFF and Smashing Good Pumpkin when I started using HSN again, as it has made my face break out. I have found that the Facewash and Clay mask have been helping with clearing up my skin. They work, mainly because they are made with natural ingredients that have been around for centuries in the wild, and have proven health benefits. I have come to realize that the First Nations had a lot of knowledge about botany and the healing (and cleaning) power of the right plants, or right combination of plants. 

The past couple of years I have been trying to find the balance of mainstream and alternative culture / products that works for me. 

I am Alive

Hey Everyone!

I am sorry I have been absent from the blog from a couple of months, life just got away from me, and this past summer was crazy busy.

Beings that fall is here, I am hopefully going to be back to this blog on a more regular basis.

Since I was sick in July, and having a busy summer, clean eating has fallen off the band wagon. for some reason I quit making smoothies, and clean eating kind of went by the way side. I started eating more gluten and drinking coffee on occasion here recently, and today I intentionally had dairy. Lets just say that having dairy was a very bad idea. Having an increased amount of gluten and consuming coffee have also been not so great ideas.

Now that I know how good I can feel when I am on board with clean eating, versus the past few months where I haven’t been eating right, and put stuff that I shouldn’t have, in my body.

One of my goals over the next few months is to wean my body back down to a limited about of processed carbs (like breads and pastas), and refined sugar. I am hoping that I can get back on to a lot more quinoa, rice, oats, and other whole grains. I am also wanting to consume more nuts, fruits and vegetables. I am by no means planning on becoming Paleo, vegetarian or vegan, that has never been my goal, but rather eat a lot healthier. I know I keep saying that but it is totally true.

I also seriously need to join a gym or something, getting up at 5:30 am, then working a 10 hour day was insane, and now that it doesn’t get light until after 7 am, and is getting dark at 6:30 pm (we are still on Daylight Savings Time at present, mind you), getting outside and exercising really isn’t an option at the moment. I am going to see how things go at work since I got switched projects, and I may go back to working five eight hour days, and start at my normal time, and get off at 4, then if I get a gym membership, then I would hit the gym after getting off of work. We will see. It is so hard making time to work out, on top of work and everything else. When I was in college I could just schedule classes into my school day, and then I would just show up for class, and it would not be above and beyond my normal school day.

Going Vegetarian for the Summer

Hey Everyone!

I have decided that once I finish eating the meat I have in the fridge and freezer (which will be during this next week), I am going to be spending the summer eating only vegetarian. This decision did not come easily to me, but rather, because I am tired of being sick and tired. I want to feel at my best, and I am not quite there. I realize that getting complete proteins will be harder while adhering to a vegetarian diet, and I am preparing myself for that. I am doing my research, and my homework so that I get complete protein as well as begin eating a lot more fruits and vegetables.

I have set this challenge for the summer as locally grown fruits and vegetables are plentiful. Come Fall, if adhering to being vegetarian is too difficult for me to strictly adhere to, then I will limit the amount of chicken I will eat, but incorporate it back into my diet.

It seems like the only meat my body really tolerates is poultry. So I am wanting to find other alternative complete proteins to keep things interesting.

I am hoping this summer will help me reset my body, and really start feeling at my best.

Figuring out what works is a learning process.

Hey Everyone!

Today was a mixed bag. I had a little bit of pop at lunch, and had a bit more spaghetti than I should have. I also had a shakeology drink after dinner, and I had fit in a walk after getting home from the coast.

I also had stopped at the mall this morning before heading to the coast. I wanted to pick up a clean eating cookbook, and I also found a quick and easy vegan cookbook. I am not going to be becoming vegan, I picked it up because I am dairy intolerant and gluten sensitive. I am really trying to branch out from what I am used to, and try new things. I am also wanting those things to be healthy which clean eating and vegan is all about. The vegan recipes just are an added insurance that I can eat it, and that it is dairy free. I am also wanting to learn more about putting the right foods together and getting enough of the right amino acids to form complete proteins because there are times where eating meat just does not sound appetizing.

I am trying to break out of the rut of eating not so healthy stuff because it is there, and finding new foods that are both gluten free and dairy free is a challenge in and of itself. So I am looking forward to getting some fresh ideas and recipes and trying them.

I already know that clean eating is working for me. I feel so much better overall, and have only really been at it for a couple of weeks. I feel so much better.

I love having down days, but I also love being busy actively going and doing things that I love. I spent part of my day at the coast, and it was amazing. I always feel so energized and full of life and energy when I am at the beach. It totally lifts my spirits. The ocean is so strong, powerful, magnificent, gorgeous, and sustains life. It is a force to be reckoned with and respected. At the same time it is calming and soothing. I love the way that the northern pacific feels when I dip my feet into it was the waves come in. I love nights when I can fall asleep to the sound of the roar of the ocean. It is so constant, and is the original white noise.

Welcome to my Improved Blog

Hey Everyone!

For those of you who have been following me, for the Gluten Free and Dairy Free recipes and stuff, that is not going anywhere. I am just incorporating my new desire and journey to get fit.

I will be writing about what programs, classes and other forms of exercise that I am doing to work toward achieving my goals.

Right now I am using PiYo from Beachbody, and will be starting the 21 day fix from Beachbody in a couple of weeks. I also love going on walks, and hiking. I am also wanting to get into rock climbing, which I am hoping PiYo and losing weight will help me with.

I am really working on eating healthier, which is something that I struggle with maintaining. Though I am trying to bounce back from having an off day or a bad food day a lot better, and not letting one bad day completely derail the progress I have been making.

I have come to a point in my life where I am fed up with being overweight, and having it get in my way, as well as hindering me from doing what I really love doing, being outdoors. I love being outdoors going hiking and on adventures. Both activities would be so much easier and more enjoyable if I was more fit, and thinner.

I also want to be more flexible and toned, especially since I have an old ankle injury that never healed properly. I had badly sprained my ankle when I was 15 (in my freshmen year of High School), and then I went to marching band practice that same day, and then had marched in a 4.2 mile parade on it within that same week. It has been weak and prone to re-injuring ever since. I have sprained twice more since then. I did have it checked out and x-rayed well after the fact, and there was no evidence of it having been fractured the first time I injured it, so it was concluded that it was a very bad sprain. I am hoping that with PiYo, it will help strengthen my ankle a bit more so it is not as weak as it currently is.

Another Amazing Workout. 

Hello my readers!

Welcome back to another lifestyle change update. 

After work this evening I did PiYo for the first time ever and enjoyed it! As nice as it was outside today, I just didn’t want to go for a walk. 

I am finding it easier to eat better while working from home. I am able to make a smoothie during the day, as well as putting lunch together during my lunch break. 

I am really loving being more active and eating healthier. I am eating less, but staying fuller longer. I love that. 

I am not here to endorse any one plan, or workout routine, I am all for eating right and regular excercise. How you get that accomplished is up to you, and for me will probably change with time. 

For the longest time I have been saying that it is my turn to be selfish and take care of myself. I am finally doing just that.