WIAWS: Blackberry Meringue

Hey Everyone!

The past couple of days I have had Blackberry Meringue wax warming in my country light Scentsy Warmer. Blackberry Meringue was one of the new scents that was released for the spring/summer 2016 catalog, and was not brought back this year. I had stocked up on some last year, so I still have several bars going into this spring and summer.

This scent was one of the few that I liked from the spring/summer 2016 catalog. It is definitely a light, sweet, fruit tart kind of scent. While it is sweet, it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. To me, it is a perfect scent to be warming this time of year, especially in a kitchen, or living room.

This past winter, and now into spring, has been so wet and grey here in Portland. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, and it got up into the low 60’s, and was partially sunny, which helped me a lot, and made me want to have a spring scent warming, to help be a mood lifter.

What smells I like to have warming, are definitely related to the weather/season. When it is cold and wet outside I would just as soon have something like Pumpkin Roll or Apple S’mores warming, or if it is around Christmas, then I’d have one of the Christmas Scents warming. When it is warm and sunny, I love having the lighter, fresh, clean scents going. I do have to say that Blackberry Meringue is one of my top 3 spring/summer scents when I want something lighter warming in my warmer.

WIAWS: Pumpkin Roll

Hey Everyone!

The past few days I have been in an Autumn & Autumn scents mood, even though yesterday was the warmest day we have had in months, right around 70 degrees. 

Autumn is my absolute favorite season. Despite yesterday being above average, this past winter and early spring has been cold and wet. 

I know spring just started, yet I am already ready for autumn to be here. I know it can’t be October all year round, but if it could be, I would be a happy camper. 

Pumpkin Roll is my favorite autumn scent from Scentsy. All the others are typically too strong and have too much cinnamon or just isn’t something I like smelling. 

No WIAWS this week

Hey Everyone!

I know I didn’t write a what I am warming Saturday post yesterday (April 8th), as this past week has been crazy with family visiting, as well as the power being off for almost 24 hours on Thursday. Being able to warm some Scentsy has been at the bottom of the list of things to do this week. 

I should have another What I Am Warming Saturday up for you all on the 15th. 

WIAWS: Cherry Almond Pie

Hey Everyone!

The past few days, I have had Cherry Almond Pie wax in my country light Scentsy Warmer. Cherry Almond Pie was one of the scents from one of the  Bring Back My Bar events in 2016. I had ordered a couple of bars, but had not warmed any of the bars until now.

The scent is definitely very sweet, and really doesn’t smell like cherry pie. It is definitely one of those scents I would have loved while I was in High School. Now, it is just a bit too sweet for me.

I am definitely more of a clean, fresh scent kind of person.

It kind of reminds me of the strawberry swirl scent that is currently out.