New Year; ready for change

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a few months since my last post, I know. Life has been busy, as well as the days getting shorter and the holidays in full swing I got off track in clean eating. 

That off track lasted from at least November until this past week, so for about 3 months. I have really felt the whole thing. I have not felt as well, I have gained a lot of weight and feel like crap. 

The days being short is not an excuse for not eating well. I just had lost the will power to eat right and stay away from foods I shouldn’t eat.

I hate feeling like crap and being at a weight I had hoped I would have never seen again after college, it is time to do something. 

Part of my problem is that I live in the city, working an “office” job and live somewhere, where I can’t have my own garden. I have been looking for a better job, and preferably one that would allow me to get outside more. 

The past few days I have been getting ideas for lunches that are healthy and taste good, as I have gotten tired of grilled ham sandwiches and a banana. Part of my problem is that my living situation has made me lazy, because I don’t have my own kitchen like I did in college, so what I am able to keep on hand is minimal and not the best. 

I also don’t keep healthy snacks around. I also don’t keep hiking snacks on hand, which is another story. I want to do more hiking, and a lot of it. 

Getting things in check

Hey Everyone!

The past week I have really been working heard to get my meals and snacks back on the healthy track. When I was sick back in July, it threw things off and then eating right just went down hill from there. Beings that my body has been reacting negatively to how I have been eating the past few months, I realized that I needed to get back on to a clean eating routine. 

Food can be your friend or your enemy, and lately it has definitely been my enemy. 

Today I went grocery shopping, of which I did my grocery shopping at Trader Joes and Safeway. I am still learning the the produce section is my best friend. I had stopped at trader joes because I was right there and I wanted to get some nuts and dried fruit so that I have a snack for my mid mornings during the week as I tend to get hungry around 10 am. I also wanted healthy choices for when I got hungry, as I hate feeling like there is no food in the house and being hungry. 

I have often seen vlogs, and tv shows or actually heard people talk about how they hate how much they eat out, yet they can never seem to manage to go to the Grocery Store, or if they do, it is only for one meal. That is a completely foreign concept to me, the closest I came to that lifestyle was my first term of college when I lived in the dorms, and had to eat in the dining hall,  as I couldn’t have more than a small refrigerator and a microwave. I grew up going grocery shopping with my mom quite often and then once I had my first apartment I had to go grocery shopping for myself. While I had gone to the grocery store a bit during that first term of college, I only picked up a few items to keep I my room. I can still remember the first grocery shopping trip I had gone on, on my own, once in my first apartment I felt so old, and like an adult. Now that I have been doing it for myself for almost a decade the novelty of it has worn off and it is just something I do so that I can eat. I have actually enjoyed grocery shopping for myself, especially this past year. It is nice to actually completely control what I eat. 

Grocery Shopping: Portland Style

From reusable fabric grocery bags to paper bags being the only other option in the city, to leaving the county to be asked “paper or plastic”. Having several Trader Joe’s, New Seasons and Whole Foods within a commutable distance, and shopping at two out of the three (in addition to the local normal priced grocery store) on a almost weekly if not weekly basis (because the other two don’t have what said store has, or they have the best price). 

Today, I went to Bob’s Red Mill, which is amazing, not only do they have a good variety of whole wheat and natural stone ground all purpose flours, but they have the best selection of Gluten Free flours, bread mixes, cake mixes, cookie mixes and a lot more. This is where I get all my gluten free flours to make my flour mixes. 

Even though I live in Portland, due to having a full time job and living in a place that is not conducive to having a garden, or raising chickens (for eggs) or doing a lot of canning, I am reliant on grocery stores for 98% of my food. With that being said I spend more on groceries than many people but spend less than others.

I guess you could call me a typical Portlander, because I like to know what is in my food. I do shop at New Seasons, Whole Foods and Trader Joes. I don’t do my entire grocery shopping at these stores. I shop at them because their Gluten Free and Dairy Free selections are way better but I also shop at Safeway for the bulk of my grocery shopping.

  Today I went to Bob’s Red Mill and picked up the five flours I use to make the bread flour I use to make my own bread, as well as a muffin mix. I spent a total of $22.85. I will get 9 loaves of bread out of this batch of flour mix. I make my own bread because $2.89 per loaf is definitely worth taking the time to make it, versus $5.99 a loaf or pre made gluten free bread at the grocery store. 

 I stopped at Trader Joes because they have decent prices and a good selection of dried fruit and nuts. I needed some Slivered Almonds and dried cranberries for the muffins I am going to be making. While I was there I also picked up some cliff bars and organic Bananas and pita pockets. I spent a total of $19.36 there. 

  I stopped at Safeway for the bulk of my grocery shopping. While I won’t use all of this this week, I will use most of it. Some of it is just the kind of stuff you pick it up and keep it on hand so you have it when you want it/need it. At Safeway I spent $64.52.

For being a stock up week spending roughly $110 this week is not bad for me, considering where I live and having food intolerances.