It Pays to Check every Label

Hey Everyone!

A friend of mine had brought it to my attention today that Heinz “Apple Cider” Vinegar isn’t actually made from Apple Cider. The only difference between the regular Heinz Distilled Vinegar and the so called “Apple Cider” Vinegar is that the “Apple Cider” Vinegar has flavors and colors added. This is deceitful marketing if I ever did see it. 

There are other brands (including the store brands) that actually make Apple Cider Vinegar. So check the label if you actually want Apple Cider Vinegar.

They say hindsight is 20/20. When I read my friend’s post about the Apple cider vinegar, there was a little voice in the back of my head that was like “you know better than to not read the label, even on something as dumb as Vinegar”. Not because it actually has dairy in in, but to double check to make sure, because nothing is safe until you check, and not everything is what it says it is. 

I learned to read every label, because way to many things that would think don’t have dairy in them actually do, including things that say “non-dairy” yet contain sodium caseinates (the protein in milk). So while the vinegar doesn’t contain dairy, I am still way to trusting of mainstream food from the grocery store. 

If the past 5.5 years haven’t already taught me to question everything and literally read every label, this has definitely taught me that, as well as that you can’t trust name brands to be honest with you. 

I hate to say it, but we live in a day and age when big corporations love to lie to the consumer for the sake of the almighty dollar and their profits. 


WIAWS: Pumpkin Roll

Hey Everyone!

The past few days I have been in an Autumn & Autumn scents mood, even though yesterday was the warmest day we have had in months, right around 70 degrees. 

Autumn is my absolute favorite season. Despite yesterday being above average, this past winter and early spring has been cold and wet. 

I know spring just started, yet I am already ready for autumn to be here. I know it can’t be October all year round, but if it could be, I would be a happy camper. 

Pumpkin Roll is my favorite autumn scent from Scentsy. All the others are typically too strong and have too much cinnamon or just isn’t something I like smelling. 

Preparing for my own Kitchen

Hey Everyone!

While I was in college, I had my own apartment, which meant I had my own kitchen. During that period, my kitchen was functional, yet very much a college students kitchen. Mismatched and buying what I needed as I went. In the years since I have graduated, I have always lived somewhere where the kitchen was never really “mine”. By that I mean, I could use it, but most everything in the kitchen, including decorations belongs to someone else. So, other than the few things I have in said kitchens that are solely related to my dairy free / gluten free existence and that I have picked up for myself, everything I own for a kitchen is all packed away in boxes. Over the years I have also been working on building up a “hope chest” of sorts, of items I want for when I get my own home as a post college, working, independent adult. 

When I was younger I wanted a black, white and red kitchen with cherries (the fruit), on what ever kitchen items I could find them on. 

Now that I have gotten a little older, I still want all the red and cherry print items, though, I am also liking more color. I also haven’t found the every day dishes I am sold on yet, so I still have some time to decide of that, but I have been picking up items I like, for my future kitchen. The items are definitely more colorful, and have some sort of red in them. 

Part of why I was out on the hunt for kitchen stuff today, is that I am looking for a biscuit cutter, for myself. You would think finding a biscuit cutter in general wouldn’t be too difficult, right? Wrong. The only place I have seen that even carries biscuit cutters, was out at the time. Every place else didn’t have biscuit cutters or even round cookie cutters sold by themselves. The whole reason I am looking for a biscuit cutter / round cookie cutter about the size of a biscuit cutter, is A) so I have one of my own, and B) because I have a gluten free / dairy free shortbread mix from Bob’s Red Mill, that I want to try once my Scottish thistle cookie stamp arrives. I also don’t want to pay $14+ and shipping by ordering one online, when I should be able to find one for under $5. I am just going to have to keep looking. By the time I find what I am looking for, my cookie stamp will have definitely arrived. 

Today I had been at IKEA, but did not find a biscuit cutter or even round cookie cutters. I did find a cute apron, some cute ice cube trays, some silicone muffin things, which I am obsessed with for using for spices when I bake, and some more dish towels. A few days ago, I had also picked up another good pastry blender so I will have a couple when I am able to move. 

Scentsy Bring Back My Bar Haul

Hey Everyone! 

During the Month of January, Scentsy was doing their Bring Back My Bar event, which they have been doing at least once in a calendar year since I have been purchasing Scentsy. 

This time they made testers available for consultants to purchase, so I had purchased a set of the testers. It was a lot of fun going through them and smelling them, as I had never smelled any of these scents before. 

Of the 25 scents they brought back, there were only 3 that I really liked, so I had bought 12 bars of Coffee Tree, 15 bars of Inner Peace and 6 bars of Ocean. 

Coffee Tree smells like coffee, kind of like walking into a coffee shop. Ocean is a clean scent that isn’t super strong. Ocean actually reminds me of a mix of sunscreen (that’s not coppertone), and being at the Oregon Coast. Inner Peace smells kinda like coconut lemongrass with some baby powder mixed in. 

I had also ordered 3 warmers this time. The first being the starlings warmer. It is very stark, bleak and wintery, which is part of why I like it. It kind of reminds me of the morning sunrise nightlight, and they would complement each other very well. The starlings warmer has frosted glass, which lets a lot of light through. 

The second one I had ordered is the amber fluted shade warmer. To me it looks antique, and I love the bronze base and bronze ring at the top, I bought it because it will go well with one of the bathroom themes I have in mind when I get my own place. 

The final warmer that came in this order is the river birch warmer. This warmer is an element warmer, which had supprised me, I was expecting it to have a removable dish, but it is all good. I ordered this warmer because I love being outdoors, and love the whole concept of bringing the outdoors in, and have outdoorsy notes throughout my living space. I will also not that this warmer will be discontinued at the end of February, so if you want one, while you can still get one, you can get it here

After this upcoming spring and summer catalog, I have enough Scentsy warmers (which is crazy…), with two exceptions: if they bring back Lumina, which looks like a Cinderella Pumpkin, and a full size beach theme warmer that looks like it could be part of the decor in a beach house. I absolutely love the beach, it is my favorite getaway. 

The Why I love Perfectly Posh Products 

Hey Everyone! 

I will be straight up honest with you all, I am a Perfectly Posh independent consultant, but that is not why I am writing this post. 

The whole reason I became a Posh consultant was because the products worked for me. That fact in and of itself is worth every penny I spend on my own products. When I was first introduced to Perfectly Posh, I was a complete skeptic. I had been over at my friends house, helping her sister watch her 3 little boys that morning as she had had to go into work for a meeting before going back to work the following Monday at the end of her maternity leave with her youngest. After she had returned home, she, here sister and I were just hanging out and her sister had brought Posh over (either that she had purchased or borrowed from the sister who’s house we were at), and I was curious so they let me smell the products. A few months later I was having some issues with my face breaking out, and out of curiosity been looking around my friends Posh site, when I found the smashing good pumpkins and decided to give it a try. To say the least, it worked. I started trying more things, and was hooked. Because it was working for my skin, when everything else I had tried had not worked, I was sold. 

After a few months of purchasing products and liking pretty much everything I have tried (I think there is only one or two of the many I have tried that weren’t for me, which doesn’t mean it’s a bad product, because it would work for someone else) I have liked and has worked well for me. 

The whole reason I became a consultant was to earn commission back on the products I use and want to try. I have done other Direct Sales stuff, and had the products affect my health in a negative manner. 

Rarely do I advocate products I use, and I am not the kind of person to advocate products for the sake of earning money. 

Sticking to what is right for me

Hey Everyone! 

I am still very much in the middle of my journey of transitioning from products that are chalked full of man made chemicals and synthetics that research is now showing is linked to many diseases that have exploded since the greatest generation was my age to using more natural products with natural ingredients that are actually good for your skin. Besides the fact that all these chemicals and such gross me out, I have always had super sensitive skin and would break out with rashes if the wrong kind of laundry detergent is used. I always use free and clear laundry detergent when I do laundry. 

Knowing how sensitive my skin is, not only do I worry about all the chemicals, I also worry about how strong the scent is, and how the chemical make up will react when it comes into contact with my body chemistry. 

I have struggled for years to find a skin care routine and a deodorant that do their jobs, are fairly natural and work with my body chemistry. Since I found perfectly posh, my skin has been doing so much better. I am also loving how well the unscented Native deodorant is working for me. I have had so many drug store and natural brand deodorants cause uncomfortable rashes under my arms, which were only made worse by shaving. TMI and as gross as it may be for many of you, I stopped shaving my arm pits and use native deodorant.

This whole adjustment to do what is best for my body certainly hasn’t been easy when it has been a lot of going against the cultural and societal norms, yet I am still too normal or mainstream to really be a part of any subculture. I am somewhere in the middle. Finding that middle ground that works for me, and being at odds with both sides has been challenging. It really comes down to being OK with who I am, and embracing that individuality, and sticking to my guns.

I, personally have been met with my fair share of resistance, skepticism, ignorance, and just flat out belief that I am wrong just because what is best for me, and my well being goes against cultural norms. I have spent as much time as I can, educating myself so I can give facts in support of why what I am doing, is the best option for me. 

I am by no means an expert, but I have had to learn all that I know about dairy free, gluten free, natural ingredients, natural lifestyle, fewer chemicals all on my own, as I didn’t have anyone to guide me, or give me tips and tricks. 

There is still a lot I am still learning. If there are any topics along the lines of dairy free, generally gluten free (going completely gluten free is still something I am working on), transitioning to natural skin care products, no red meat, limiting use of eggs to baked goods, or some other topic within reason you want me to post about, leave me a comment below. 

No more Sodium Tallowate 

So what is Sodium Tallowate anyway?

It was just today that I learned that Sodium Tallowate is Lard (animal fat), and I am like, Really? It’s the 21st century and soap manufacturers are still using Lard in their products?

I am appalled by the fact that Lard, as well as other synthetic products are so commonly used in everything from food to skin care products.

Ingredients are so important, not only in what we eat but also in what we use on our bodies. There have been studies linking specific ingredients to different diseases. If I am knowingly able to reduces my risk of specific preventable diseases, by changing the products I use, I will do it.