Stash Tea Haul

Hey Everyone!

This past weekend I had gone out to the stash tea store in Tigard.

Beings that Fall arrived quickly and working a new job where I work at night, having a variety of tea, but caffeinated and decaffeinated / uncaffeinated was critical. I picked up two more boxes of English Breakfast Tea as well as a variety of other teas, including Acai Berry herbal tea, cranberry pomegranate herbal tea, raspberry and white decaf tea, Christmas Eve herbal tea and Christmas Morning black and green tea blend.

Besides the fact that the Stash English Breakfast Tea is my favorite English Breakfast Tea, Stash is also a local company. It is based in Tigard, Oregon which is one of the suburbs of Portland.

I am all for supporting local companies. I like keeping my money in where I live. By buying local I am supporting my community and those who live and work here.

While at the Stash store, I also purchased a hydro flask travel mug, for my tea. While I have several travel mugs, none of them are really insulated. So they would burn my hand while allowing my tea to cool off really fast. I have found in the few days I have had my hydro flask, that I can make myself tea at 10:45 at night (before I go to work) and it is still hot at 6:00 am the next morning. I like having hot tea throughout my shift.

Tea is Amazing! 

Hey Everyone!

This past week I have bought more tea. Last week one of my friends and I went to the Stash Tea store and today I picked up more at Fred Meyer and a box of Scottish Breakfast Tea at the Scottish Shop for myself. I have never seen Scottish Breakfast Tea in a normal grocery store here in the states only English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast teas. I knew Scottish Breakfast Tea existed, just had to track it down. I figured the Scottish Shop would be the best place to go to look for it. I definitely found it there.   

Today I also picked up a teabag holder. It says it is technically a spoon rest it looks like all the teabag holders I have ever seen, so I now have a teabag holder. I also love the fact that it was made in Scotland and has the Scottish Thistle on it.  

So now I am really just waiting on when I can have my own place and be able to have tea parties, and so much more. 

What I Ate Wednesday 

Hey Everyone!

Wednesday came and went again, and I forgot (again) to finish my post yesterday. So sorry about that. 

For breakfast I had two vans gluten free homestyle waffles with earth balance vegan spread. I also had 4 brown and serve breakfast sausages and a fruit plate. With breakfast I took my hair skin and nails tablets as well as a Thermofit tablet. 

After breakfast I have been drinking water, drinking my tea and I also ate my greens chews and drank my greens. So yeah, a lot of drinking fluids has been happening. 

For lunch I had a ham sandwich and a banana. Seriously though lunch is the hardest meal for me, I am not a huge fan of the whole normal lunchy foods. 

For dinner i had the last of my meat and beans, I also had chips and salsa and a salad. 

I also had had a total of two Litres of water yesterday. 

So ready for Summer Food (WIAW)

Hey Everyone!

Well it is starting to feel like summer, which for me means that the only thing I am really looking forward to is all the fresh local fruit and berries. 

For breakfast this morning I had a bowl of baked oatmeal, three brown and serve turkey breakfast sausages, and a fruit plate. 

Throughout this morning I have been drinking my tea, as well as my first litre of water. I also had my ItWorks Greens in 8 oz of cran-cherry juice, and my greens chews. 

As a snack this morning I had a Vans cranberry almond bar, which is pretty much like eating a gluten free dairy free nutrigrain bar. 

For lunch I had a ham sandwich using franz 7 grain gluten free bread. I also had a banana and water. 

This afternoon I ate a couple hot dogs, and for dinner I had some homemade vegetarian chili and a spinach salad as well as about half a litre of water. 

Getting Back on Track (WIAW)

Hey Everyone!

*I am late getting this posted, I am sorry*

This past week has been a challenge for eating right. I don’t know what it is, whether it is stress, or my schedule being a little off or both, I was craving sugar and sweets this week. Yesterday I caved and made half a batch of chocolate chip cookies. 

For breakfast I had two eating right for gluten free home style waffles, with some spread. I also had four brown and serve turkey sausages and a plate of fruit. I took my iron supplement, vitamin D, Hair Skin and Nails as well as my allergy meds.

About 8:30 I had my greens which I drank with a bottle of Diet Cranberry Juice, and I also took my Greens Chews. 

I have also been drinking a mug of the republic of tea Blackberry Sage tea and water throughout the morning. 

For lunch I had a ham sandwich on franz gluten free bread. I also had a banana and a couple of the cookies I baked yesterday. 

I drank more water throughout the afternoon. 

For dinner I had had some spaghetti and a salad. 

Getting to Work (WIAW)

Hi everyone!

Welcome to another what I ate Wednesday post. If you haven’t already checked out my two week ItWorks update, go check it out and it will help some of this make more sense. 

I am really needing to knuckle down and be better about what I eat and how much. As I gained two weeks in a row on a weight loss program I am obviously doing something wrong. 

I am drinking about as much water as I can, so I am going to be trying to change up when I am drinking it, like drinking at least 8 oz before I eat each meal, as well as 8 oz before and after my greens. I also need to watch portions, snacks and sweets. 

For breakfast I had: an eating right for gluten free brand home style waffle with some earth balance spread, 4 brown and serve turkey breakfast sausages and a plate of fruit. 

With breakfast I took: 2 hair skin and nails tablets, an iron tablet, a vitamin d tablet, a fish oil pill, and an allergy tablet. 

About 8:30 I had my greens chews and berry flavored greens. I had put them in water today, and remembered why I usually put them in cranberry juice. They taste gross on their own. 

Throughout the morning I have been drinking water and my Earl Grey Creme tea. 

About 10:45 am I had a vans cranberry almond bar which is also gluten free and dairy free. 

 For lunch I had a ham sandwich on franz mountain top white gluten free bread, and a banana. 

For an afternoon snack I had some gluten free pretzels and some Daiya onion and chives cream cheese style spread. I also made myself a cup of tea. 

For dinner I had some corned beef, a piece of toast and a salad. I also took my fat fighters for the day.