My Food Intolerance Journey

I wanted to tell you a bit about my history and background of having a food intolerance, and why I started this blog.

Growing up I could eat just about anything and be fine. That all changed when I was 23. I had been really sick one weekend, and I was never the same after that. within a month of being sick, I knew that something was different and had gone wrong. I knew my body didn’t like something I was eat, so I started the process of going dairy free. I spent the first year afterward being Lactose Free, but still really didn’t see a lot of improvement. Going into year 2 I went off dairy completely. That was difficult, and getting the people I lived with on board with the fact that while they didn’t have to eat the same way I do, the system in how dishes and cooking was done had to be changed so I wouldn’t get sick. That is still a challenge to this day, which is a year and a half later. Having gone completely dairy free, I noticed a great improvement, but I still wasn’t 100%. After the second year of struggling with food intolerances, I went gluten free as well, and that was 6 months ago. I have found that as long as I stick to it, and don’t cave to straying from the diet, I finally feel normal again.

Having gone gluten and dairy free has been a challenge that hasn’t (and at times still is not easy) but it is definitely worth it to feel normal again, and be able to get back to living.

I am fortunate that my close friends understand that I can’t eat certain things, and when we go out, they get that there may be places I won’t go to because of being able to find stuff to eat, so we try to go to a restaurant that we can all find food to eat at, and they will go to the resturants that I can’t eat at, but they still like with their other friends. I do greatly appreciate the effort that they make, and understanding they have that my body can’t tolerate certain food groups.