Figuring out what works is a learning process.

Hey Everyone!

Today was a mixed bag. I had a little bit of pop at lunch, and had a bit more spaghetti than I should have. I also had a shakeology drink after dinner, and I had fit in a walk after getting home from the coast.

I also had stopped at the mall this morning before heading to the coast. I wanted to pick up a clean eating cookbook, and I also found a quick and easy vegan cookbook. I am not going to be becoming vegan, I picked it up because I am dairy intolerant and gluten sensitive. I am really trying to branch out from what I am used to, and try new things. I am also wanting those things to be healthy which clean eating and vegan is all about. The vegan recipes just are an added insurance that I can eat it, and that it is dairy free. I am also wanting to learn more about putting the right foods together and getting enough of the right amino acids to form complete proteins because there are times where eating meat just does not sound appetizing.

I am trying to break out of the rut of eating not so healthy stuff because it is there, and finding new foods that are both gluten free and dairy free is a challenge in and of itself. So I am looking forward to getting some fresh ideas and recipes and trying them.

I already know that clean eating is working for me. I feel so much better overall, and have only really been at it for a couple of weeks. I feel so much better.

I love having down days, but I also love being busy actively going and doing things that I love. I spent part of my day at the coast, and it was amazing. I always feel so energized and full of life and energy when I am at the beach. It totally lifts my spirits. The ocean is so strong, powerful, magnificent, gorgeous, and sustains life. It is a force to be reckoned with and respected. At the same time it is calming and soothing. I love the way that the northern pacific feels when I dip my feet into it was the waves come in. I love nights when I can fall asleep to the sound of the roar of the ocean. It is so constant, and is the original white noise.

Grocery Hauls and Funeral Dinners I couldn’t eat

Hey Everyone!

I am really taking to clean eating. It is really helping me feel normal, and it is making dealing with food intolerances so much easier. I have been wanting to live a healthier lifestyle for a long time, I am finally getting my butt in gear and doing.

I did my grocery shopping for this next week today. I needed to run to the bank this morning, and there is a Trader Joe’s nearby. I stopped at Trader Joe’s first to pick up a few items. For what I picked up I was amazed at how little I actually spent. I picked up some celery, Persian Cucumbers, a package of Pitas, a loaf of gluten free bread, a couple clif bars and some organic banana’s. I spent just under $18 for all of it. I then stopped at safeway, where I did the bulk of my grocery shopping. I got quite a bit, and shopped specials. I got all but one of the items on my list and only spent about $65 for what I bought. Some of what I bought is non perishable and will last for a while, so for the food that I will actually be eating this next week I spent about $75. For buying a lot of fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods, and for where I live $75 is not bad at all. For about $3.60 a meal, I can’t complain. I am excited for summer, and being able to go to farmers markets, and for the local strawberries and raspberries to come into season.

I am only beginning my clean eating journey, and I am excited to share what I am finding with you all. If you have any experience with clean eating and Gluten Free/Dairy Free foods and recipes I would love to hear about it. I enjoy sharing what I find, because my Gluten Free & Dairy Free journey has been a long one with a lot of bumps along the way that I have learned from. My main objective is to provide a real world, practical approach to cooking, baking and eating clean for the Gluten Free and Dairy Free. Not knowing what to eat, or even what to look for is an uphill battle. I know full well how hard it is to be out somewhere, where food is provided and you can’t eat any of it because it would make you sick. I know all about eating before hand and then being super hungry when you get home because the span of time between your last snack or meal was longer than you are used to going without food. I understand the pain of watching others eat in front of your, or eating amazing smelling food while all you eat are vegetables off a vegetable tray. Been there, and done that. There are situations where it is unavoidable for you to pretty much “starve” while everyone else around you is eating, and there isn’t much you can do about it. What I am here to help with, is an overall approach to eating clean while being dairy free 100% of the time, and gluten free 95% of the time. I do eat foods containing gluten on an infrequent basis, and what gluten I do eat, for those who really need to adhere to gluten free 100% of the time, can be easily substituted with gluten free options.

My most recent example of being stuck somewhere, where everyone else was eating, and all the food except for the vegetables on the vegetable tray had either dairy or gluten or both in it, was today. I had gone to the funeral of one of my dad’s uncles, and had stayed for the family dinner afterward, beings that I had gone over to the church with my parents and the church is like 5 minutes from where I live, and there was family there that I don’t see very often. It was one of those situations that you don’t really prepare or plan for. If it had been a family funeral out of town (i.e. for one of my relatives at the other end of the state), I would have prepared food to take with me, even if it meant taking a lunch box or cooler with an ice pack. In those situations, where home is more than a good walk distance away, I take food.

I have gotten used to being different, and explaining why I am either not eating, or eating food that I brought as being gluten free and dairy free is still not totally understood let alone really mainstream. explaining that gluten and dairy (dairy and its derivatives especially) are put in the randomist things that it has no business being in, but its still there has become my life. I am grateful for those who do remember, and think about the fact that I can’t eat certain foods. Even if they can’t do anything about it in the moment, the fact that they remembered is a relief.

The two pictures below are of my grocery shopping hauls today.

Safeway Haul:

Trader Joes Haul:

Clean Eating and Fitness Goals

Hey Everyone! 

I have to say that the first 5 day clean eating challenge I had done was hard for me, and I didn’t really get it. Now, a month after I had started that first challenge, and almost two weeks into my first 21 day clean eating challenge, it is hard, but I am loving it. 

Clean eating is all about eating the right kinds of food. It is really a good balanced diet. It is not some fad diet that once you go off it you gain all the weight back. It is a long term lifestyle change. It is all about eating a well balanced diet that cuts out the processed junk food that is loaded with sugar and bad fat, that has become a staple of our society. It then replaces that with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, minimally processed meats, eggs. This is what I have been looking for, for a long time. 

Combining clean eating with daily exercise gets good results. I am not here to promote any one company or gym  for work outs, as I plan to incorporating a lot of different work out methods over time. Right now I have PiYo, by Beachbody, and am waiting on my 21 day fix program. I am also waiting on my order of Shakology. I am wanting to try this stuff, but it is not my be all end all work out program. I also go for walks a lot. 

In time, when I am a bit stronger, lighter, and more flexible I want to give bouldering another try. Part of what I had trouble with the last time was not having the strength and flexability to maneuver around, and my weight got in my way. I by no means want to be “ripped” but being more agile is high on my list. I love hiking, so being more agile and comfortable with rock climbing and bouldering would be a good skill to have. 

I know I have mentioned in other posts that I don’t have a specific weight goal, but rather a jeans size goal. I don’t have a weight goal, because I am hoping to lose fat and work on toning my muscles. With the whole muscle weighs more than fat train of knowledge in the back of my head, I know that while I might weigh more than I’d want per say, what size of clothes I can wear says a lot more. I am wanting to get down to a U.S. Or at least Old Navy size 10 jeans. 

I know I can do it, and this time do it right this time. Starving myself is not an option. Eating right and exercising is how I am going to achieve my goals. 

While I have a couple of personal reasons in the back of my head as to why I am doing this, the overlaying reason is I am doing it because I want to do it for myself, and there is no better time than now. 

Below are two pictures of me, a couple weeks ago, at the start of the 21 day challenge. I hate how big I am, and this is not the biggest I have ever been. I was at my biggest during my senior year of college. 

21 day clean eating challenge smoothie

Hey Everyone!

I am currently doing a 21 day clean eating challenge, and I have been trying to find healthy, yet fairly easy and inexpensive ways to stay full longer during the day. With that I have done a bit of tweaking to my smoothies. I will post my current fave recipe below.

1 cup frozen berry & cherry mix (I buy a bag of a berry blend and the dole cherry and berry mix, and them mix the two packages)

6 – 10 chunks frozen pineapple

1 serving (about 1/4 cup) of coconut milk yogurt

1/2 serving of cooked gluten free oat meal

1 organic banana

~ 1/4 – 1/2 cup 100% juice Cranberry Cherry Juice

Blend together in a blender and enjoy.

Welcome to my Improved Blog

Hey Everyone!

For those of you who have been following me, for the Gluten Free and Dairy Free recipes and stuff, that is not going anywhere. I am just incorporating my new desire and journey to get fit.

I will be writing about what programs, classes and other forms of exercise that I am doing to work toward achieving my goals.

Right now I am using PiYo from Beachbody, and will be starting the 21 day fix from Beachbody in a couple of weeks. I also love going on walks, and hiking. I am also wanting to get into rock climbing, which I am hoping PiYo and losing weight will help me with.

I am really working on eating healthier, which is something that I struggle with maintaining. Though I am trying to bounce back from having an off day or a bad food day a lot better, and not letting one bad day completely derail the progress I have been making.

I have come to a point in my life where I am fed up with being overweight, and having it get in my way, as well as hindering me from doing what I really love doing, being outdoors. I love being outdoors going hiking and on adventures. Both activities would be so much easier and more enjoyable if I was more fit, and thinner.

I also want to be more flexible and toned, especially since I have an old ankle injury that never healed properly. I had badly sprained my ankle when I was 15 (in my freshmen year of High School), and then I went to marching band practice that same day, and then had marched in a 4.2 mile parade on it within that same week. It has been weak and prone to re-injuring ever since. I have sprained twice more since then. I did have it checked out and x-rayed well after the fact, and there was no evidence of it having been fractured the first time I injured it, so it was concluded that it was a very bad sprain. I am hoping that with PiYo, it will help strengthen my ankle a bit more so it is not as weak as it currently is.

Another Amazing Workout. 

Hello my readers!

Welcome back to another lifestyle change update. 

After work this evening I did PiYo for the first time ever and enjoyed it! As nice as it was outside today, I just didn’t want to go for a walk. 

I am finding it easier to eat better while working from home. I am able to make a smoothie during the day, as well as putting lunch together during my lunch break. 

I am really loving being more active and eating healthier. I am eating less, but staying fuller longer. I love that. 

I am not here to endorse any one plan, or workout routine, I am all for eating right and regular excercise. How you get that accomplished is up to you, and for me will probably change with time. 

For the longest time I have been saying that it is my turn to be selfish and take care of myself. I am finally doing just that. 

Committed to a New Lifestyle

Hey Everyone!

Working from Home really has shaken up my eating habits. It has made it easier to want to change up my diet for the better. I am eating a lot more fruit and vegetables, and balancing out the breads and meats.

These changes have gotten me really considering how and what I eat, and food’s impact on my Body. This is a personal decision I had come to on my own. I am not sponsored by anyone, or any company. I finally got tired of being sick and tired. I got tired of feeling gross all the time, and having sugar crash headaches. The past few days I have been feeling pretty good. It is really about committing to a lifestyle change that is for the better. If I can commit to going Gluten and Dairy Free, what is stopping me from living a truly healthy lifestyle. I have no intention of going vegetarian or vegan, and having either be my lifestyle (though I do opt for vegan when I am out, just because of the dairy free aspect).

I believe I mentioned in my last post that I want to get into Rock Climbing and Bouldering. With that I need to work on getting down to a healthy weight, and working on toning my muscles. Beings that muscle weighs more than fat, I wouldn’t mind so much having a larger number on the scale, as long as I can wear smaller clothes, and be able to take on any physical activity I want with ease.

Journey to the Me I want to Be

Good Evening All!

Today was a cheat day, beings that i had helped a friend and her husband move, and they bought pizza. I am sure I my tummy will be paying for it.

What I really wanted to talk about, is that I have decided to do a 21 day clean eating challenge. With that, I will also be working out. I decided to give PiYo a try, and to combine it with going for walks and hikes. I am really trying to get into shape, as I feel that my weight, and lack of endurance and muscle tone are really hindering me, for what I want to do career wise. I don’t know for sure what I want to do for a career, I do know that getting my body into shape will help me with each and every one of the possibilities.

I have no intention of sharing my actual starting weight or measurements, at least not yet anyway. I plan to share my progress, meal ideas, workouts, and such with you guys. My Food Intolerances are only a part of who I am, but a huge part. With that, I want to focus on the whole big picture of getting in shape, but keeping the primary focus of the foods that I am eating to help me keep my food intolerances in check, but also in losing weight, and living a healthy lifestyle.

I am going to be posting my journey to being the healthier me that will allow me to have more opportunities to have the lifestyle I want to have, under the Journey to the Me I want to Be category. I am doing this for those of you who want to follow along with my journey, with the ups and downs, struggles and triumphs of my journey. I want to be able to go on long adventures and have the endurance, energy, and stamina to go on longer more challenging hikes, and not bat an eye. I want to go bouldering and rock climbing with friends. I am taking ownership, and changing what I can change for the right reasons.