Cod, it’s what’s for Dinner

Hey Everyone!

I had been craving fish for a few days, so I stopped by the grocery store on my way home from work yesterday, and picked up some Cod, and the makings for a blueberry crumble.

I stopped by the meat counter at the grocery store, to see what they had in the way of Fish. Cod was a better price than Salmon, so I got some Cod.

I am a huge chicken and fish person, I definitely would love to live in SE Alaska, do more fishing, and eat more Fish.

For dinner I had cooked the cod I bought, as well as green beans and almonds, and some sourdough bread. It was so good, and filling.

I also made another blueberry crumble. This recipe alone, made purchasing the Salmon Sisters Cookbook worth it. I had also picked up some vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream to go with it. I had used a stick if the melt dairy free spread in place of butter in the crumble topping.

I made a “butter” garlic sauce for the cod. The recipe I had found did call for butter, but I used my dairy free spread in the place of butter to make it dairy free.

There was a time when I used to be able to eat dairy, though I have been dairy free long enough that it is second nature to me at this point. I have definitely learned tips and tricks to substitute dairy free options for the dairy that is called for.

I am definitely wanting to cook at home more, and not spend so much money on “restaurant food”. Between wanting to live in a small town or in the country (preferably in Alaska), making home cooked meals is definitely something I want to get better at. I also believe that cooking at home is more frugal, and cost effective.

I am definitely trying to live more frugally, and as much as possible, do Cash Only, especially for the day to day expenses.

First Week Back At Work

Hey Everyone!

This week has been a busy one. This week I had my first shifts back at work, after four months of furlough.

Since my last post, I have made a total of six batches of jam. I made a batch of strawberry, a batch of Marionberry, a batch of blackberry, and three batches of raspberry.

This week I also made a blueberry crumble, a lemon jello cake, and a loaf of banana bread.

I have enjoyed making all this tasty good stuff.

I have definitely enjoyed the time I have had to work on my homemaking and homesteading skills.

What I have Learned about Modern Homesteading

Hey Everyone!

Over the years I had done things like going and doing U-Pick fruit and berries as well as picking berries from the backyard garden, as well as making jam and canning fruit.

The most consistent “homesteading” experience I had was two summers ago, when I was able to get eight batches of jam made from the raspberries I picked from the backyard.

The other day, I had gone for a walk a couple hours after breakfast, so I was able to sit a bit between breakfast and going for a walk. From about noon until a little after 7 o’clock pm, I had only sat down brief spurts to eat dinner while making jam. I had gone for a walk, picked raspberries once I got home, watered the raspberries once I picked the ripe ones, showered, put a load of laundry in the washer, started dinner, switched the laundry, started jam, continued eating dinner, finished up jam, got the laundry from the dryer, folded it, and by then it was 7 pm.

Then I got thinking about how much more work goes into having a farm / homestead this time of year. My walk would have likely been replaced by more gardening, cooking / making three meals a day, feeding animals, collecting eggs, casing after kids, trips into town, loads of laundry, and so much more. It is a busy life, and I do want that kind of life, to be busy providing healthy food for myself and my family. I want to spend more time outside, breathing, fresh country air, being tired at the end of the day from a good day’s work.

First Batch of Jam in Nearly 2 Years!!!

Hey Everyone!

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, the raspberries have been coming on. I wasn’t getting my hopes up after last year.

Last year, I don’t think we ever got a full pint in any one picking, and I am pretty thorough (I have the scratches on my arms and legs to prove it). So, I wasn’t holding my breath on this year being any better.

So far, I have been mildly surprised, and happy at what I an seeing. Unless some freak weird thing happens, and we get no more raspberries, I should get a few more batches of Jam this year.

Two years ago I was able to make eight batches of jam with the amount of raspberries our bushes produced, the year before that we got several batches of jam as well.

While ai am not holding out to get eight batches like I did two summers ago, if I could get four to six batches this summer, I would be happy.

At this rate, besides a bit of water every so often, the berries are free, as we have had the bushes long enough that they have more than paid for themselves in fruit. In making jam, the only things we actually have to buy are: pectin, lemon juice (if we need more), sugar and corn syrup. In comparison to the cost of fruit, the other ingredients for jam are super cheap. The time and energy to pick berries and make jam is more than worth it, because the final product is better and I have the piece of mind knowing where the berries came from, who picked them, and the conditions they were in until jam could be made.

I wanted another one really bad

Hey Everyone!

I fell in love with the wild blueberry crumble recipe, it is so good, and so easy to make. I wanted more, so I made another one.

I had gone to Trader Joe’s on Thursday, and picked up several things, including a 2lbs container of blueberries, and a bag of organic lemons. I was shocked at how inexpensive the blueberries and lemons were at Trader Joe’s. I got the 2 pound container of blueberries for like $5.99, which was less than the price of a single pound at Safeway. I got a whole bag of lemons for like $2.99 which was a deal. I also picked up four bags of basmati rice for $2.99 a bag.

While I do like the fact that there are so many grocery stores within a close proximity to where I live, it is definitely overwhelming, and I would trade it for only having one grocery store in town, to be away from the insanity that is city living.

Of late, I haven’t been going out more than I absolutely have to, not really because of the pandemic, but because of how crazy it is here, and this lifestyle isn’t for me. I definitely do better / less anxiety with a more rural and slower pace of life with fewer people and more time spent at home. Moving to Alaska is still the dream / goal that I am working towards.

Wild Blueberry Crumble

Hey Everyone!

A few weeks ago I had ordered the Salmon Sisters cookbook, and while it spent a fair amount of time sitting in Anchorage. It finally showed up at my house yesterday.

Looking through it made me want salmon really bad, so I bought some salmon today, and cooked it up for dinner.

As I was looking through the cookbook last night, I found the wild blueberry crumble recipe, and it looked good. While I was at the grocery store, I picked up the ingredients I needed to make this dish. I made this for dessert to go with with the Salmon I made for dinner. It turned out so good. This recipe is definitely one that I will be making again.

I do love when new (to me) recipes turn out amazing, and are keepers. There definitely are times when you try something new and it just doesn’t turn out right, or it doesn’t live up to expectations, this is definitely not one of those, I definitely was not disappointed.

The berry filling kind of reminded me of a syrup my aunt (who lives in Canada) had made and shared with my family when I was a kid, I want to say it might have been Saskatoon Syrup, but I could be wrong on the berry, but whatever it was, the filling of what I made today reminded me of that syrup.

I an definitely trying to broaden my horizons in terms of things to eat, and finding new things that are good, and aren’t super difficult.

Lower Fat Banana Bread I Recipe – | Allrecipes

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, my mom purposefully bought some very ripen bananas to make banana bread.

So, we made a double batch of banana bread, one with chocolate, one regular.

This is the banana bread recipe that I have been using since college.

The deep banana flavor needs no other adornment in this simple bread with less sugar and fat than other recipes like it.
— Read on

Beings that I have to do dairy free for myself, I have been making my banana bread with the dairy free spread I use, or shortening.

It’s my time to make some Changes!

Hey Everyone!

There have been changes I have wanted to make, and give a try. Now that I have been starting to change things up and make changes, and since I am at home for a bit, I might as make the changes and just throw myself into it.

This furlough, for me has been the tipping point, that it time to get things done, and make changes that will put me in a better place to find a new job and move. I have been ready to move for years, but I feel that my debt has been holding me back. Beings that I am furloughed, and collecting unemployment, with the CARES act in place, it is helping me to pay down, and possibly pay off my credit card debt. If I can get that paid off, then I would be left with just my student loans. If I could get my credit cards paid off and start saving money, I would be happy.

The longer this pandemic wears on, and things keep more and more restrictive, the stronger the desire grows to move someplace with a better coat if living, and where I can be more self reliant. Just going to the grocery store these days is a zoo with new rules and regulations every time you go, it is insanity. All the restrictions really haven’t helped my anxiety, and going out makes me anxious more than it did before this.

Even though the holiday season ended in December, and had a few months between then and being furloughed, I still felt exhausted and not like myself, I had no energy or anything. I started taking vitamins and such not long before I was furloughed, and since I have been furloughed I have been able to be in a routine that is more natural for my body, and really start eating better food, I am slowly starting to feel better. I am trying to make choices now to live a healthier more productive life. I am ready to put the city life and money chasing lifestyle behind me.

I am trying to get back to the roots of my blog, and simple homemaking. I am trying to learn how to budget, and live frugally, and that I don’t need a lot of things, or more clothes / shoes than I wear on a regular basis / clothes that aren’t my “go to’s” that I style in different ways. I am not a fan of eating out, or doing things where there are a lot of people.

I was an idealistic, listening to society on the whole needing a career that materialized young adult who was still in college when the recession of 2008 occurred. I graduated college in 2010, and couldn’t find a job for over a year. The past decade I have learned a lot about myself, including but not limited to; I miss having my own space to do with what I wanted, I enjoy working in the earth, and watching things grow then reaping the harvest, I prefer eating home cooked food, and making homemade food.

Hipster Fancy Pants Grocery Shopping

Hey Everyone!

This morning I went out in search of toilet paper, as we were down to our last package, and toilet paper is a prized commodity at the moment.

I ended up going to four stores, to find toilet paper, as well as other essentials that will last for a few weeks.

My last stop was at new seasons, which is local grocery store that carries healthier and more alternative (ie food intolerance friendly) and is definitely a hipster / fancy pants / organic / local products grocery stores.

I hadn’t been into a new seasons store for at least several months if not longer, and the last time I was in, they had more dairy free yogurt options than your average mainstream grocery stores, but not as many as they had today, I was amazed and happy. Being dairy free, finding dairy free yogurt that I like has been a challenge. I picked up several different brands, mostly vanilla, though one of the brands I am familiar with had black cherry, so I got two of those. I also got more ingredients for making smoothies.

While I am generally trying to abide by the stay at home order, I will go out if I actually need something from the grocery store. While I have yet to use gloves or a mask (though I did order one in case I do need it, especially if it means that I can go back go work sooner), I do try to get out early, and only get what I need, abide by the two meter rule, and get out.

This pandemic, has definitely shown me the need to get debt free, and have an emergency fund with at least 6 months worth of income saved, especially as I struggle with getting unemployment, like millions of other Americans.

I came to a decision!

Hey Everyone!

I thought that I decided on how and where to post my health and fitness journey, then I came to the conclusion that it needs it’s own blog. I came to that conclusion because there are a lot of things I want to be able to discuss about my journey that are way outside the scope of this particular blog, and I don’t not want to talk about it, just because of where i am posting about it.

I have linked it up top if you want to follow along with my Journey!