Country at Heart, Living in the City

Hey Everyone!

This past week, we had more snow that had stuck, so my mom had taken a snow day. Between the two of us, I mixed up banana bread and she had made chocolate chip cookies.

Yesterday, after work, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up what I needed to make some more egg white scramble. I picked up pork sausage, egg whites and tomatoes.

Today, after work, I ran errands. This included stopping at IKEA, and looked around a bit, it makes me want my own place again, so bad.

I love how they are able to create a functional small space, that is also homey.

These are just a couple of the set ups that I saw that I really liked. While I would have chosen a grey sofa instead of the floral, and had grey walls in the living room, I like the set up and openness of it. The bedroom looked more rustic, like it could be a cabin in the woods.

Afterward, I continued on and went across to NW Portland, where I went to my favorite tea shop, where I had picked up even more tea. I had ordered a fair amount a couple days ago, and it was delivered today. It is totally worth going over to NW Portland to get my favorite tea. I definitely stocked up, and will have tea to enjoy for a while.

They packaged the box up very nicely.

As crazy as it may sound, if I had a job that I could support myself on, I may get reconsider living in the city, or a city anyway. That is crazy, for anyone who knows me.

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