WIAWS: Ocean

Hey Everyone!

It is time for another What I Am Warming Saturday! 

Today I am warming a couple cube of Ocean in my Country Light warmer. 

Ocean was one of the scents from the January Bring Back My Bar event that I ordered. On cold it smells more clean and fresh, but warmed it reminds me more of a non coppertone sun block, when you are out in the sun. It really doesn’t remind me of being at the beach at all. 

It definitely does not have the salt salt sea air mixed with a camp fire scent that I am used to when I go to the Beach here in Oregon. At best it makes be think of the way sunblock smells on my skin when it’s a hot July day and I have been out in the sun for a couple hours. I can say that it is not my favorite. 

I am so definitely ready for spring to be here. We have had a few teaser days scattered throughout the past month. For the most part we have had solid rain or snow for the past 5 months. 


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