Preparing for my own Kitchen

Hey Everyone!

While I was in college, I had my own apartment, which meant I had my own kitchen. During that period, my kitchen was functional, yet very much a college students kitchen. Mismatched and buying what I needed as I went. In the years since I have graduated, I have always lived somewhere where the kitchen was never really “mine”. By that I mean, I could use it, but most everything in the kitchen, including decorations belongs to someone else. So, other than the few things I have in said kitchens that are solely related to my dairy free / gluten free existence and that I have picked up for myself, everything I own for a kitchen is all packed away in boxes. Over the years I have also been working on building up a “hope chest” of sorts, of items I want for when I get my own home as a post college, working, independent adult. 

When I was younger I wanted a black, white and red kitchen with cherries (the fruit), on what ever kitchen items I could find them on. 

Now that I have gotten a little older, I still want all the red and cherry print items, though, I am also liking more color. I also haven’t found the every day dishes I am sold on yet, so I still have some time to decide of that, but I have been picking up items I like, for my future kitchen. The items are definitely more colorful, and have some sort of red in them. 

Part of why I was out on the hunt for kitchen stuff today, is that I am looking for a biscuit cutter, for myself. You would think finding a biscuit cutter in general wouldn’t be too difficult, right? Wrong. The only place I have seen that even carries biscuit cutters, was out at the time. Every place else didn’t have biscuit cutters or even round cookie cutters sold by themselves. The whole reason I am looking for a biscuit cutter / round cookie cutter about the size of a biscuit cutter, is A) so I have one of my own, and B) because I have a gluten free / dairy free shortbread mix from Bob’s Red Mill, that I want to try once my Scottish thistle cookie stamp arrives. I also don’t want to pay $14+ and shipping by ordering one online, when I should be able to find one for under $5. I am just going to have to keep looking. By the time I find what I am looking for, my cookie stamp will have definitely arrived. 

Today I had been at IKEA, but did not find a biscuit cutter or even round cookie cutters. I did find a cute apron, some cute ice cube trays, some silicone muffin things, which I am obsessed with for using for spices when I bake, and some more dish towels. A few days ago, I had also picked up another good pastry blender so I will have a couple when I am able to move. 


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