Scentsy Bring Back My Bar Haul

Hey Everyone! 

During the Month of January, Scentsy was doing their Bring Back My Bar event, which they have been doing at least once in a calendar year since I have been purchasing Scentsy. 

This time they made testers available for consultants to purchase, so I had purchased a set of the testers. It was a lot of fun going through them and smelling them, as I had never smelled any of these scents before. 

Of the 25 scents they brought back, there were only 3 that I really liked, so I had bought 12 bars of Coffee Tree, 15 bars of Inner Peace and 6 bars of Ocean. 

Coffee Tree smells like coffee, kind of like walking into a coffee shop. Ocean is a clean scent that isn’t super strong. Ocean actually reminds me of a mix of sunscreen (that’s not coppertone), and being at the Oregon Coast. Inner Peace smells kinda like coconut lemongrass with some baby powder mixed in. 

I had also ordered 3 warmers this time. The first being the starlings warmer. It is very stark, bleak and wintery, which is part of why I like it. It kind of reminds me of the morning sunrise nightlight, and they would complement each other very well. The starlings warmer has frosted glass, which lets a lot of light through. 

The second one I had ordered is the amber fluted shade warmer. To me it looks antique, and I love the bronze base and bronze ring at the top, I bought it because it will go well with one of the bathroom themes I have in mind when I get my own place. 

The final warmer that came in this order is the river birch warmer. This warmer is an element warmer, which had supprised me, I was expecting it to have a removable dish, but it is all good. I ordered this warmer because I love being outdoors, and love the whole concept of bringing the outdoors in, and have outdoorsy notes throughout my living space. I will also not that this warmer will be discontinued at the end of February, so if you want one, while you can still get one, you can get it here

After this upcoming spring and summer catalog, I have enough Scentsy warmers (which is crazy…), with two exceptions: if they bring back Lumina, which looks like a Cinderella Pumpkin, and a full size beach theme warmer that looks like it could be part of the decor in a beach house. I absolutely love the beach, it is my favorite getaway. 

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