December Scentsy Haul 

Hey Everyone! 

Today I got the last of the Scentsy products I had ordered in the month of December. 

Beings that Scentsy had brought out the scents of the season, I had bought a sample pack, then ordered more of the scents I liked. 

I had ordered 5 poinsettia pine bars, 4 eggnog bars and 1 St. Nickerdoodle. I gave my mom one of the poinsettia pine bars since she liked the scent. 

When I had first heard about Scentsy about a year and a half ago, I never would have thought that a year and a half later I would be a consultant. I was a customer for a year, and the only 2 reasons I joined Scentsy as a consultant versus staying a customer was because I wanted to be able to buy the testers and get money back on what I bought. As of writing this, I am not really in it to make it more than what it is, something I love and for the testers and what commission I do get. If you want Scentsy, I’d be happy if you bought it from me, but I am not out to bug people to buy it. I buy it because I like it. 

I, personally am scent sensitive and an picky about what scents I do use. I found that most of the holiday scents have too much of the cinnamon fragrance or too much of the fake Christmas tree scents in them and are too strong for me. When I found Poinsettia Pine (scents of the season) and the lavender white balsam (November scent of the month), I found two additional Christmas favorites, in addition to Silver Bells. 

The latest Scentsy fragrances are getting me excited for the new spring & summer catalog which will be available for order March 1st. I am totally interested in seeing what warmers Scentsy comes out with for the summer, as I am looking for a cute beach warmer for the summer or a cute summer warmer period. The spring/summer catalog also has several amazing clean scents that are also fairly light and aren’t overly sweet or floraly. I really love the fresh, clean but not overly strong scents like coconut lemongrass (which is an all year round scent), white tea and cactus, as well as sun kissed citrus. 

Of the Bring Back My Bar scents that are out this month, Ocean, Inner Peace, and Coffee Tree are My top 3 faves. Ocean and inner peace follow in the clean scents, and I just like the way that the coffee ones smell. I had ordered a bunch of Perk Me Up the last time they had been released. 


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