Choosing to Live Simply 

Hey Everyone!

Over the course of the past year especially, though it has really grown out of having lived in a small town after having grown up in the city, that I want to live a simpler life, that is more about being outdoors and adventures than having the latest and greatest items or having a huge house or driving fancy cars. 

I do want a home of my own, but a smaller farmhouse on several acres is my dream house. I want to be able to have a garden, some chickens (both laying chickens and chickens to raise for food). I have been wanting to live a more self sustainable lifestyle for a while now. I don’t really want to go completely off grid, at least not yet. I definitely want to be less reliant on the grocery store for all my food needs. I know I would still have to go for dairy alternatives, and go to Bob’s Red Mill for my gluten free products, but for everything else, if I can’t grow it, or it would not be as cost effective to grow it, going to local farm stores that sell the produce they grew or like a food cooperative that buys from multiple different local smaller farms. 

I also want to do more canning, preserving, and putting away food for the winter months. I began learning how to can when I was little, and now, I do know how to can. 

Wanting to be able to can, and preserve my own food, and have a garden and raise chickens and such is more than just because it is traditionally what women have done, but more so being able to take care of myself without relying so heavily on grocery stores and such. I like knowing where my food comes from. I know canning and all that kind of stuff is hard work, as I have done it before. 

For me, it’s not so much about society telling me I need to want a home of my own, and to do all this stuff, like having a garden or can my own food, or knit. Growing up in the city, in the era that I have, I have heard nothing but “you can do anything you want, you need to have a career, and fight for equal rights in the workplace, and make your mark as 21st century woman”, and all I am interested in, is living on some acreage, growing/raising a lot of my own food, and live a more unconventional lifestyle. 

This past year, I have really realized that I would rather live in smaller house, with some land, and make my home cozy, and that there are more important things in life than having all the material things and a big teched out house. I would rather spend my money on books and adventures. A couple summers ago, I was seriously going to the beach about every other weekend, and it had to have been my favorite summer so far. For someone like me, going to the beach never gets old, especially if I can spend the night, and watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, and have a campfire. I have seen many a sunset over the ocean, but it never gets old for me. I prefer experiencing the simple things, and prefer experiences over material possessions. 

During this year, I am working on finding a way to support myself doing what I love, and filling out what I need for a place of my own, and have as many amazing experiences as possible. 

Eating Cleaner

Hey Everyone!

It’s still January, and I am really working eating healthier. These past few months, I have been not eating as healthy as I know I should and I have been feeling that. I have also been noticing how expensive it is trying to eat dairy free and gluten free while not eating healthy. I realize that fruit, vegetables and lean proteins are not the cheapest. I have been figuring out where I can shop locally to get the best prices for what I want to eat.

I have also noticed that when I am not eating as healthy as I know I should be, that by mid morning and mid afternoon, I feel like I haven’t eaten all day. This weekend though, I have been eating healthy, and I have been staying fuller, longer. I am also figuring out what types of healthy snacks I like to eat in between meals, that are good for me. 

This past Friday I did my grocery shopping, most of which was done at Trader Joe’s. I don’t do my whole shopping there just because of the limited selection of dairy free staples that I am used to. But in terms of produce, and snacks they have an amazing selection. 

I had spent a little over $52 at Trader Joe’s for this week, and this is all that I got for that money:

From Safeway I spent about $25 and this is what I got:

I have not been a fan of red meat for a while, and I can’t eat dairy, which helps with clean eating. I am definitely trying to eat more fish – especially fish that comes from the Pacific Northwest (Oregon/Washington) or Alaska, and white meat, and do more vegan complete protein that isn’t tofu to change things up. 

Part of my goal is to eat more local foods and food that grows naturally in this part of the country. Because this part of the country is so temperate, and we have plenty of natural waterways, that fish, berries, nuts and such have been available here for quite a while. 

Stay tuned for more clean eating grocery hauls! 

The Why I love Perfectly Posh Products 

Hey Everyone! 

I will be straight up honest with you all, I am a Perfectly Posh independent consultant, but that is not why I am writing this post. 

The whole reason I became a Posh consultant was because the products worked for me. That fact in and of itself is worth every penny I spend on my own products. When I was first introduced to Perfectly Posh, I was a complete skeptic. I had been over at my friends house, helping her sister watch her 3 little boys that morning as she had had to go into work for a meeting before going back to work the following Monday at the end of her maternity leave with her youngest. After she had returned home, she, here sister and I were just hanging out and her sister had brought Posh over (either that she had purchased or borrowed from the sister who’s house we were at), and I was curious so they let me smell the products. A few months later I was having some issues with my face breaking out, and out of curiosity been looking around my friends Posh site, when I found the smashing good pumpkins and decided to give it a try. To say the least, it worked. I started trying more things, and was hooked. Because it was working for my skin, when everything else I had tried had not worked, I was sold. 

After a few months of purchasing products and liking pretty much everything I have tried (I think there is only one or two of the many I have tried that weren’t for me, which doesn’t mean it’s a bad product, because it would work for someone else) I have liked and has worked well for me. 

The whole reason I became a consultant was to earn commission back on the products I use and want to try. I have done other Direct Sales stuff, and had the products affect my health in a negative manner. 

Rarely do I advocate products I use, and I am not the kind of person to advocate products for the sake of earning money. 

Cleaning and Organizing 

Hey Everyone!

The past month and a half has been crazy. Now that Christmas and New Years are over, things are calming down and getting back to normal. 

For the past few months I have been piling up the new Scentsy warmers I had purchased, because the plastic bins I had were not big enough to hold all my Scentsy warmers, and to buy enough plastic tubs was more than I wanted to spend, and would have taken up too much space in storage. On Friday I had stopped at Home Depot and picked up several packing boxes for my Scentsy warmers and one small one for the DVD cases of the dvd’s and tv on dvd’s I have picked up over the last year or so. I spent Friday organizing and packing up all the Scentsy warmers I have with the exception of the one I currently have in use, and my diffuser. I was able to get them all packed into two medium Home Depot packing boxes. I got all the DVD cases packed into a small moving box, and got them put out in the garage. I also reorganized my fall and Christmas decorations. I had been storing my autumn and Christmas decorations in the same container, which was fuller than capacity, so now they are each in their own container. 

This all came about because I was tired of having to move all the Scentsy warmers I had sitting in my room, in order to get into the middle and bottom drawers of the 3 drawer sterilite container I keep my personal stash of Scentsy bars in. As of now, until I find a beachy Scentsy warmer that I absolutely love, and if they bring back the lumina warmer for fall 2017, I will be ordering my last Scentsy warmers for personal use this month. With the exception of a beach themed warmer that I like and the lumina warmer, if they bring it back, my collection is complete. 
The plastic storage tub I had been storing the DVD cases in, will become a second book storage container for the time being, until I am able to have my own place again and half shelf space to put my books on, and actually be able to have my own personal mini library with all the books I own. Beings that books and reading are an obsession of mine, my book collection will continue to grow. 

December Scentsy Haul 

Hey Everyone! 

Today I got the last of the Scentsy products I had ordered in the month of December. 

Beings that Scentsy had brought out the scents of the season, I had bought a sample pack, then ordered more of the scents I liked. 

I had ordered 5 poinsettia pine bars, 4 eggnog bars and 1 St. Nickerdoodle. I gave my mom one of the poinsettia pine bars since she liked the scent. 

When I had first heard about Scentsy about a year and a half ago, I never would have thought that a year and a half later I would be a consultant. I was a customer for a year, and the only 2 reasons I joined Scentsy as a consultant versus staying a customer was because I wanted to be able to buy the testers and get money back on what I bought. As of writing this, I am not really in it to make it more than what it is, something I love and for the testers and what commission I do get. If you want Scentsy, I’d be happy if you bought it from me, but I am not out to bug people to buy it. I buy it because I like it. 

I, personally am scent sensitive and an picky about what scents I do use. I found that most of the holiday scents have too much of the cinnamon fragrance or too much of the fake Christmas tree scents in them and are too strong for me. When I found Poinsettia Pine (scents of the season) and the lavender white balsam (November scent of the month), I found two additional Christmas favorites, in addition to Silver Bells. 

The latest Scentsy fragrances are getting me excited for the new spring & summer catalog which will be available for order March 1st. I am totally interested in seeing what warmers Scentsy comes out with for the summer, as I am looking for a cute beach warmer for the summer or a cute summer warmer period. The spring/summer catalog also has several amazing clean scents that are also fairly light and aren’t overly sweet or floraly. I really love the fresh, clean but not overly strong scents like coconut lemongrass (which is an all year round scent), white tea and cactus, as well as sun kissed citrus. 

Of the Bring Back My Bar scents that are out this month, Ocean, Inner Peace, and Coffee Tree are My top 3 faves. Ocean and inner peace follow in the clean scents, and I just like the way that the coffee ones smell. I had ordered a bunch of Perk Me Up the last time they had been released.