Scentsy Bring Back My Bar January 2017!

Hey Everyone!

Beginning Sunday, January 1st, 2017 and running through the month of January, Scentsy has their Bring Back My Bar event going on! There were 20 winners, and Scentsy’s owners decided to throw in 5 more just because. There are a total of 25 scents that will be available, which I will talk about individually below. They will be available singly or in combine and save packs which are as follows: 3  for $14, 6 for $25 or all 25 in the sampler size for $105. I will have a link to my scentsy page for anyone (in the US) who wishes to purchase any of the BBMB scentsy bars in January!

The scents that are being brought back are:

retired scents from 2004 – 2010:

Coffee Tree: Bold and Sophisticated. Wake up to the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans

Vanilla Walnut: A warm fragrance with roasted walnut and sweet vanilla bean

Bananarama: Sweet, Golden, Ripe Bananas (also described as smelling like Banana Laffy Taffy)

Cashmere: sheer floral bouquet combined Moroccan Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, and Bergamot.

Gingersnap: Ginger and spice with butter and vanilla, just like the classic cookie.

Watermelon Patch: Sweet, vine – ripened watermelon (also described as smelling like a watermelon jolly rancher)

Grape Granita: Sun – warmed grape and pineapple with undertone of honey suckle.

Lavender Vanilla: Relaxing Mix of hillside lavender, vanilla beans, orange zest, and patchouli.

Cherry Almond Pie: Orville’s favorite dessert. Graham crackers, sweet almond, cream and cherries.

Wild Black Cherry: a sweet and juicy black cherry, like an old fashioned black cherry soda.


Retired scents returning from 2011 – 2014:

Ocean: Cool and Refreshing aquatic notes deepens wit water lilies and ocean breezes.

Cherry Vanilla: Sweet as the finishing touch atop your favorite sundae. Cherry Vanilla is a delightful swear of candied cherry and sugared almonds folded into velvety white chocolate ice cream.

Huckleberry Sage: Tart ruby cranberries and sweet purple huckleberries dusted with silver sage.

Zen Garden: A dewy – sweet blossom of ripe honeydew, soft freesia and water lotus.

Hemingway: Rich, ripe apples and warm, woody accents of sandalwood and cedar with hints of spice.

Autumn Stroll: Amble under a bright harvest moon, leaves crunching underfoot, as peppery cinnamon mingles with dusky plum and warm incense to create a spicy and comforting fragrance.

Inner Peace: Earthy wood notes with the unmistakeable scent of lemon groves and rejuvenating cypress.

My Home: a new name for our favorite spicy cinnamon and floral scent – a must try.

French Kiss: Sweet fig tenderly caressed by coconut pulp, exotic cedar, and caramel.

Black Ruby: Juicy Plum, black cherry, and sparkling persimmon, with untamed vanilla – a luminous deep fragrance.


5 additional bars:

Cranberry Bread: Warm bread with just the right amount of spices, cranberries and orange zest.

Flutter: Delicate orange blossoms and whipped almond cream float above a bed of bright lemon verbena.

Luxe Vanilla: Soft tones of musk, cyclamen, and jasmine blends with the delicate scent of vanilla.

Sangria: Perfectly blended Brazilian oranges, currants and merlot.

Tingelo: Tangelo, Lemon and apricot, enhanced by fragrant lychee berry.

To purchase these bars (during the month of January) or any of the other amazing Scentsy products, please visit My Personal Website!


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