Technology Free Evenings 

Hey Everyone! 

For the last several months I had issues with waking up tired in the morning, even when I got 7 – 8 hours of sleep. Part of that is the days getting shorter, but then I got thinking that maybe the problem could be related to be using my computer and phone right up until I got to bed each night. 

I have heard and read about technology messing with our circadian rhythms, which controls our sleep / wake schedules. I am no expert or even a scientist but just from my own experience, there is truth behind these studies. 

This week I have been trying to be off my computer by 8 pm, and only use my phone for the white noise app after 8 pm. After 8, I have been reading a book until I go to bed, and the couple of nights I have been doing this, it has been easier to get up in the morning. 

This winter, my allergies have also been worse than in years past, and I picked up some of the allergy meds that work for me, and that has also been helping. 

Between readingbto help me wind down in the evening and dealing with my allergies has definitely helped me be able to function and feeling better. 

I have missed spending time with my nose in a book, and I am glad I am spending less time wasting my time on computer games and more times reading books. I am currently rereading Outlander (The first book of the Outlander Series), before moving on to the second book. 

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