Limiting Technology usage 

Hey Everyone! 

I am in the process of trying to spend less time, especially in the evenings, glued to technology, and spend more time doing things like reading books and being outside, or out engaged in the world around me and with other people. As it is, I am glued to a computer 40 hours a week, and can think of better ways than being glued to my computer from the time I get off work until I go to bed. There has to be studies on how too much tech affects our brains, and our sleep cycles. I miss the days when I was younger spending my evenings reading a book and listening to music, and I have plenty of books to read. I am not giving up tech all together, as I enjoy watching tv while I knit, but my goal is to spend more time with people in real life and reading books (not doing these at the same time though. 

I have started re-reading Outlander before I continue on reading the series, and then reading the Game of Thrones Series. I generally enjoy reading the books before watching the movies/tv shows. I have seen the first season of Outlander, and have not watched any of Game of Thrones. I will watch the shows after I read the books. 

I don’t know if it is just the fact that winter and the darkness / shorter days seemed to hit so fast this year or the fact I have been on my computer more that I have been more fatigued and drained of energy this winter than I ever have in the past. I really have never had a problem adjusting to the shorter days until this year, so I am trying to kick how much time I spend on my computer after work in days that I work, and spend more time reading and sleeping, and seeing. About full spectrum light bulbs and getting myself back to my normal happy self. 

Technology overload is a definite issue in our culture today, and I am all about limiting that negative impact in favor of a more natural / old school / historical approach to life. 

So with that, I am going to say good night and read for a bit. 


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