Scentsy VS The Bath and Body Works

Hey Everyone!

I had gone to the Bath and Body Works today to pick up my mom’s birthday present, and noticed that they had fragrance wax and warmers, they were totally trying to copy Scentsy, but they were pretty cheap looking. I also checked out the wax, and they were these little round disks with four little cubes and a total weight of .97 oz, for $4.50. Yes, you read that right not even a full ounce for $4.50. I was like “you have got to be kidding, that is a rip off”. I have been using Scentsy long enough to prefer Scentsy. A Scentsy bar is 3.2 fl oz of wax which is roughly 3.3 times the amount of wax for only $0.50 more, and Scentsy has a way better selection of scents. 

Being in the Bath and Body Works was a bit overwhelming with all the scents that I am not much of a fan of. I am really picky about the scents I use, and there are few that I really like. 

I am not saying you shouldn’t go to the Bath and Body Works if that is what you like, what I am saying is for me personally Scentsy (and Perfectly Posh for that matter when comparing the Bath and Body Works) are better choices for me, and for how I want to live my life. 


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