Living a Semi – Off Grid Lifestyle 

Hey Everyone! 

As I am sitting here, with the power out, it reminds me that living fully on the grid in the city is not the lifestyle I want for myself. 

This power outage got me thinking about what I would do, if I was living some place Semi – Off Grid, where I had solar panels to generate electricity during the summer, and during the day this time of year while only using the grid electricity as a secondary source of power. 

I also go thinking about what I would be doing right now, if I had a job where sitting at a computer all day was not was my job entailed. If I had solar power I may still be up and running, but even if the power was out, it would be nice to have alternatives to go do, that would still be part of my job so I could still be more productive and getting work done while the power was out. 

I have spent enough time in the city to know that living in the city and fully on the grid / mainstream is not the life for me, I was meant for a more outdoorsy existence. Though I also don’t want to go completely off grid either. I am all about finding the balance of modern life and the way things were done back in the olden days. 


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