Putting it into words

Hey Everyone!

 As some of you may know, I grew up and have spent most of my life in the city. At the age of 18 I moved off to a small town to go to college, best choice I could have made for myself at that time. It was during that time I really began to become more adventurous and began exploring the area around where I was living. It was during that time that my love of the outdoors really began to develop into what it is now. After college I had to move back to the city and was pretty lost about what to do with my life, after all I had majored in Social Science (with no clear career path associated with it) and minored in literature. Over the past 6 years since I graduated, I have grown a lot, explored a bit, had my ups and downs. I have also spent time outdoors and hiking whenever possible. The mountains and the ocean are in my blood, being outdoors and exploring the world around me is one of the many things that excites me, and that I am passionate about. I find it interesting any way, that my best friend and I both love being outside, but she is the science nerd who just needs to become a science teacher already (cause she’ll be amazing at it), and I am the one who sees the outdoors as someplace to explore and that supports our needs, and sees the practical uses for the sciencey stuff my friend loves. 

This past week hiking, the outdoors, having a home of my own, and living as natural lifestyle as possible have really been weighing on me. Choosing to live a more natural lifestyle as an adult is a choice that has to be made daily when you were raised mainstream,  live with mainstream people, and are surrounded by mainstream people. I made this decision for me. I know I have not heard the end of it for being dairy free and gluten free, and I had to stop caring what people thought, and had to stop feeling guilty to saying no to going out when a group is going someplace I can’t eat at. It’s not my fault my body can’t tolerate dairy and gluten. As for the other changes toward a natural lifestyle, the roots were planted while I was living on my own in college.

While living a life that goes against what is mainstream, for many is a choice, for others it starts with having to start going living this life by force. For me, having to go dairy free and generally avoid gluten was the choice I had to make if I did not want to be sick everyday. Since then it has evolved (from what I remember from my nutrition class in college and doing my own research and the lifestyle I want to live), into knowing what’s in the products I use, and making better choices for myself and my health. It’s also about doing what is right for me, and not listening to what society says is right. While I am not likely to become the crunchy hipster type, I am figuring out what works for me, and it is definitely more natural than most that I know. 

There are more important things in life than caring whether I shave my armpits or not, especially when it’s only been about a century ago  that women in modern cultures (The US, Canada, The UK, Australia, etc) began shaving in the first place. With the whole societal dictates comes a choice to conform and if you conform how so, like whether to use deodorant or not (I do use it), and if you do use it, what kind: drugstore or natural (I prefer the Native brand unscented), and yes it does work. Beings that I was raised very much in a mainstream world, where I had to conform, there are things I am not going to change (like hygiene), rather change the products I use to more natural options that are better for my body. 

That is part of why I started this blog, to document this journey I am on. Why I am doing what I am doing has been in my mind this week and I wanted to share some of what has been on my mind. 

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