Rimsky Korskoffee

Hey Everyone!

A couple nights ago I went out with friends and we went to this late night coffee house called Rimsky Korskoffee, which is a play on Rimsky – Korsokov, the composer. 

The house itself is an old Victorian house, in the heart of the industrial SE part of Portland. It is also reportedly haunted…..

Once inside it was decorated in such a way that kinda made me feel like I was stepping into a Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter. It also had the hipstery Portland vibe mixed with creepy and old. It was interesting. Very hipstery/ artsy Portland type. If you have ever watched the first season of Girl Meets World, the episode where they are supposed to be their great grandparents in the 1930’s (ish), like that but more weird Portland-y and way creepyier. Then there was the bathroom. It was one of those things where, as a first timer my friend had told us we had to go see it, and on our own. 

That is what I saw upon entering the bathroom. Yes if gave me a fright and yes I was half expecting it to reach out and try and grab me, which never happened. Such a disappointment 😜. 

It was definitely one of those “only in Portland” experiences you can have. I am totally glad I went and experienced it, but don’t know if I could do it again. 

The past few years I have definitely had more and more “Portlandia culture” experiences. I love getting to experience the city I grew up in, and see different sides of it than I did when I was younger. At the same time all these experiences have also made me miss small town life, as these “Portlandia Experiences” have become normal, and it reminds me that having the life I am living is fun for now, and an experience but not the lifestyle I want to maintain. I want to experience Portland with the small town person’s perspective, and be in awe. 

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