Sometimes the Natural Option isn’t best

Hey Everyone!

Some of you may remember that I wrote a post this past week about Schmidt’s fragrance free vegan natural deodorant, I bought it and then was reading reviews on it, and saw that it had caused rashes for several people. I was totally like “I hope that doesn’t happen to me”, well first day I tried it, I developed a rash under both my arms, so I am like ok, enough of that. Moving on now. 

I also bought the unscented Natived deodorant, which I will test once the rash from the Schmidt’s deodorant goes away. I will write a post on that once I try it. 

If worse comes to worse, I will reluctantly go back to using the dove advanced care deodorant I had been using, even though it is full of stupid crazy chemicals I don’t like. Here’s hoping the native deodorant works for me. 

I have super sensitive skin so I can’t use a lot of super scented stuff in my skin, and that is part of why I have to be super careful about what I use. That is why I don’t shave my armpits, If I do, I have crazy stuff happen. I don’t shave to be a hippie or to be natural / counter society. I still shave my legs, because that’s what society dictates that I, as a woman should do, and I am not completely comfortable with not shaving and just not caring. I don’t care about what people thing when it comes to my armpits, because they don’t have to deal with what I do when it comes to what products do to them, and shaving is worse. My armpits are one of those “until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes you have no place to judge them” situations. Though this is Portland, so who really cares anyway? Maybe I am just being “one of those dirty hippies”, that is my choice if I were. 

Now, to continue on getting my body healthy from the inside out. Until next time. 


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