When you Find a skin care line you love

Hey Everyone!

I have finally found a line of Skin Care products that I live and actually works for me.

A few months ago I was over at my friend’s house, as her sister and I had watched her boys for a bit while she had to work. After she had come home, she and her sister were talking about Perfectly Posh, and a few months later I ordered my first perfectly posh products. Since then I have been building my  accumulation of Posh Products.

Above, I have shown all the full size items I have either bought, been given or got as a sample.

Items shown above:

•Smashing Good Pumpkin anti acne face and body clay

•BFF (Best Face Forever) Facewash

•Hairy Beast Shave Gel

•Daily Grind Snarky Bar

•It’s Da Bee’s Knees body scrub

•Love The Dark Black Sea salt body scrub

•Whole Lava Love volcanic ash face exfoliator

•Amaaazing big fat yummy hand creme

•I scream for ice cream big fat yummy hand creme

•Portlandia Skindelicious body butter

•Pout About It peppermint lip balm.

There are so few skin care products that are as natural based as posh products. I have also spent years trying to find products that actually work on my combo/oily skin and deal with drying without over drying my skin.

I have spent the last couple months dealing with my skin breaking out, and Posh totally cleared up my skin. Everyone’s experience with the products will be different, Perfectly Posh works for me, and they have a great selection of products.

If you want to order and try any of the products, feel free to order.  You can find my Friend’s Posh Site Here. She and I are also having a party going on, so if you order, be sure to select Erica’s Posh Party in the party drop down menu, and ship directly to you.

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