Neighborhoods with a Small Town Vibe

Hey Everyone! 

When I started this blog, it was solely dedicated to living Dairy Free and generally Gluten Free, and over time has evolved to include Home, which is everything from homemaking, canning, hopefully one day gardening, home decorating, as well as food as it all ties together and is something that is on my heart. One day I want to be able to have a home of my own, and make it an inviting space for myself, and my friends and family to hang out in. Hospitality has been something that has been on my heart for years. 

Since I have had to go dairy free and avoid gluten for the most part, i have been thankful to live in Portland, where I have multiple New Seasons, Trader Joes, Whole Foods as well as Bob’s Red Mill nearby. We even have a Gluten Free / Vegan bakery here which I found out about at my previous job. Having food intolerances as an adult am has made me want to eat healthier and be healthier. While I have no intention of becoming a part of one of Portland’s natural all the way minorities and joining that entire subculture, in many ways I am glad it is here. It makes my life in terms of finding food I can eat so much easier, and it is easier to find products that have fewer harsh chemicals that are bad for you and such. So they haven’t completely converted me (I still eat meat, know the uses and power of bleach and Lysol, and by my clothes from mainstream stores) I am just more aware and conscious of what I put into my body and on my body. 

Speaking of Portland, yes the big city is still overwhelming at times, and there are definitely times being in the city drives me crazy and makes me long for the small town life I had in College. Thanks to the Urban Growth Boundary, the Metro area hasn’t seen the Urban Sprawl that other large cities have seen. It is easy enough to get out of the city. In the past couple of years my best friend and I have been working on exploring more of the city through new places to hike, places to get tea and hang out. A little over two months ago, my best friend and I had gone for a hike for her birthday then went and found the Smith Tea Tasting Room in NW Portland. That was te first time I had really driven in the heart of the industrialy area of NW Portland to go somewhere. 

There are neighborhoods and communities within the city that remind me of being in a small town, and they make me forget for a time that I am still in the city. 

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