Scentsy Birthday Gift

Hey Everyone!

About a month and a half ago, before my Scentsy party started, my best friend and I were talking about the new warmers that had come out. She was telling me that she liked the Garden Snail one (which was the warmer of the month for March) so I had kinda was like “yeah, ok, whatever”. Then she decided to order a different warmer and since I was hosting the party, I was like “hmm”. I had gotten an idea. Beings that my friends birthday was this month, I ordered the Snail warmer during my party and then just held onto it until closer to her birthday. 

I also had asked her what her favorite scents were and got her a bar each of them, as well as one that I had smelled as a sample that made me think of her.    


Changing up my Meals 

Hey Everyone!

I feel like I may have finally figured out how to fuel my body for the day and stop gaining or maintaining my current weight when I am trying to lose weight. 

This past week I started having salads with meat (like chicken, tuna or salmon) and a flat bread or a serving of pretzels or crackers for lunch, and then having meat and a small serving of carbs for dinner and occasionally some extra vegetables in addition to that. I had also made baked oatmeal for breakfasts and then had brown and serve turkey breakfast sausages and a fruit plate with breakfast. 

I used to have a sandwich with processed lunch meat and a lot of carbs and a banana for lunch and I noticed I was still really hungry by 4 pm and the had a hard time eating all my dinner. That had prompted the decision to start having salads with meat for lunch and then having a smaller dinner and that has been working so far. 

Tea is Amazing! 

Hey Everyone!

This past week I have bought more tea. Last week one of my friends and I went to the Stash Tea store and today I picked up more at Fred Meyer and a box of Scottish Breakfast Tea at the Scottish Shop for myself. I have never seen Scottish Breakfast Tea in a normal grocery store here in the states only English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast teas. I knew Scottish Breakfast Tea existed, just had to track it down. I figured the Scottish Shop would be the best place to go to look for it. I definitely found it there.   

Today I also picked up a teabag holder. It says it is technically a spoon rest it looks like all the teabag holders I have ever seen, so I now have a teabag holder. I also love the fact that it was made in Scotland and has the Scottish Thistle on it.  

So now I am really just waiting on when I can have my own place and be able to have tea parties, and so much more. 

What I Ate Wednesday 

Hey Everyone!

Wednesday came and went again, and I forgot (again) to finish my post yesterday. So sorry about that. 

For breakfast I had two vans gluten free homestyle waffles with earth balance vegan spread. I also had 4 brown and serve breakfast sausages and a fruit plate. With breakfast I took my hair skin and nails tablets as well as a Thermofit tablet. 

After breakfast I have been drinking water, drinking my tea and I also ate my greens chews and drank my greens. So yeah, a lot of drinking fluids has been happening. 

For lunch I had a ham sandwich and a banana. Seriously though lunch is the hardest meal for me, I am not a huge fan of the whole normal lunchy foods. 

For dinner i had the last of my meat and beans, I also had chips and salsa and a salad. 

I also had had a total of two Litres of water yesterday.