Working on a Positive Body Image

Hey Everyone!

I have been using it works Greens, Greens Chews, and Fat Fighters for a month now. I have also been using Hair Skin and Nails for almost 3 weeks and I have been seeing results.  

 I went into this optimistically skeptical. I hoped it would work, but I was also very skeptical at time same time, especially after my experience using shakeology. I was pleasantly surprised that within a couple of weeks my body was used to it, and I had figured out how it worked with my body. 

Part of why I started doing ItWorks, was to see if it would work for me, and help me lose weight. I have always struggled with my weight and been the fat kid most of my K – 12 years. Along with that I have had body image issues, had all the insecurities, as well as having been bullied because of my weight. In high school I also struggled with Anorexic tendencies as well as having spent a good 9+ months being well on the road to becoming anorexic. While I never fully anorexic, I know the battle that goes on internally that leads down that dark road. Pain, feeling like there is nothing in your life that you can control except your own body, anger, frustration, resentment, fear, sadness, and so much more. 

Then I went to college and was out on my own, and I less than 3 years I had gained 50 pounds, that’s right 50. I felt horrible, hated how I looked yet didn’t care.

After college I lost like 40 pounds over the course of a couple years then have slowly put it back on. 

A lot of the whole gaining it back was just out of not caring, as well as a safety mechanism for self protection and self preservation. I could hide behind being the fat girl. 

There have been a couple times in my life when I have really seen my true self worth, and those have been the times when I have wanted to change my lifestyle for the better, and to do it for myself. 

Unlike the BeachBody system where you have to buy their workout systems and Shakeology, with ItWorks, beings healthy food is my normal diet, with having food intolerances, I can still eat normally, and have healthy portions then take the products and help you lose weight. I don’t know how long I will stay on Hair Skin and Nails or Thermo Fit, or if I back off how much I take of them, but I have found the extra kick in the butt to help my lifestyle change stick. Not to mention the community of Loyal Customers and Distributors are amazing. 

Part of why I have chosen to really start getting my body in shape, so I can have an easier time doing the physical activities I enjoy. I live hiking, I want to get into rock climbing. 

I had come to realized that I am example for younger girls. If I am to be a good example for them, I need to get myself together and be the woman I need to be for myself and them. I realized a long time ago that going for a walk (and now hiking) really help me stay strong, stay focused, destress, regroup and come out stronger and fighting to be the best me possible. 

There have been times when I have had a positive body image and rocked it, I am working hard to get back to that girl. I have a great support network now, it’s small but it is solid. 


2 thoughts on “Working on a Positive Body Image

  1. Please remember though that you are already a beautiful woman. If losing weight makes you feel happier then great but it should all be about how you feel not how you look. I used to have an eating disorder when I was younger and I would never want anyone to end up in that situation. So please remember that how good and beautiful you are does not change, regardless of weight etc. 🙂 good luck on your journey!

    1. I understand full well the pressure to look a certain way, and going to all costs even not eating to get there. The weight I am losing is for my health and to feel better so I can be more physically active

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