Getting to Work (WIAW)

Hi everyone!

Welcome to another what I ate Wednesday post. If you haven’t already checked out my two week ItWorks update, go check it out and it will help some of this make more sense. 

I am really needing to knuckle down and be better about what I eat and how much. As I gained two weeks in a row on a weight loss program I am obviously doing something wrong. 

I am drinking about as much water as I can, so I am going to be trying to change up when I am drinking it, like drinking at least 8 oz before I eat each meal, as well as 8 oz before and after my greens. I also need to watch portions, snacks and sweets. 

For breakfast I had: an eating right for gluten free brand home style waffle with some earth balance spread, 4 brown and serve turkey breakfast sausages and a plate of fruit. 

With breakfast I took: 2 hair skin and nails tablets, an iron tablet, a vitamin d tablet, a fish oil pill, and an allergy tablet. 

About 8:30 I had my greens chews and berry flavored greens. I had put them in water today, and remembered why I usually put them in cranberry juice. They taste gross on their own. 

Throughout the morning I have been drinking water and my Earl Grey Creme tea. 

About 10:45 am I had a vans cranberry almond bar which is also gluten free and dairy free. 

 For lunch I had a ham sandwich on franz mountain top white gluten free bread, and a banana. 

For an afternoon snack I had some gluten free pretzels and some Daiya onion and chives cream cheese style spread. I also made myself a cup of tea. 

For dinner I had some corned beef, a piece of toast and a salad. I also took my fat fighters for the day. 


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