Week 1 of ItWorks

Hey Everyone!

I have been on it works for a week now. I have noticed that I have been feeling better, my allergies are still present but I haven’t had a ln allergy headache at all this week. I have also been sleeping better. 

 This week I just did the greens and chews the whole week. I am waiting for my Fat Fighters and Hair, Skin and Nails supplements to arrive, which I should have by this weekend. I am ready to kick it into high gear, especially after seeing the picture of myself last week. I am so over being this fat.

Here are changes that have occurred this past week: I gained a pound (boo), that’s the bad news. The good news is that I lost and inch in my waist, half an inch around my hips, and 2 inches around my love handles. 

Last week is on the left, this week (after a week on greens alone) on the right.  
 This week I am going to be starting hair, skin and nails, so I made sure to get a good picture of where my hair falls on my shoulders/back so I have something to compare progress to. 

I will likely be posting hair pictures on more of a monthly basis, rather than a weekly basis. 


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