So ready for Summer Food (WIAW)

Hey Everyone!

Well it is starting to feel like summer, which for me means that the only thing I am really looking forward to is all the fresh local fruit and berries. 

For breakfast this morning I had a bowl of baked oatmeal, three brown and serve turkey breakfast sausages, and a fruit plate. 

Throughout this morning I have been drinking my tea, as well as my first litre of water. I also had my ItWorks Greens in 8 oz of cran-cherry juice, and my greens chews. 

As a snack this morning I had a Vans cranberry almond bar, which is pretty much like eating a gluten free dairy free nutrigrain bar. 

For lunch I had a ham sandwich using franz 7 grain gluten free bread. I also had a banana and water. 

This afternoon I ate a couple hot dogs, and for dinner I had some homemade vegetarian chili and a spinach salad as well as about half a litre of water. 

Working on a Positive Body Image

Hey Everyone!

I have been using it works Greens, Greens Chews, and Fat Fighters for a month now. I have also been using Hair Skin and Nails for almost 3 weeks and I have been seeing results.  

 I went into this optimistically skeptical. I hoped it would work, but I was also very skeptical at time same time, especially after my experience using shakeology. I was pleasantly surprised that within a couple of weeks my body was used to it, and I had figured out how it worked with my body. 

Part of why I started doing ItWorks, was to see if it would work for me, and help me lose weight. I have always struggled with my weight and been the fat kid most of my K – 12 years. Along with that I have had body image issues, had all the insecurities, as well as having been bullied because of my weight. In high school I also struggled with Anorexic tendencies as well as having spent a good 9+ months being well on the road to becoming anorexic. While I never fully anorexic, I know the battle that goes on internally that leads down that dark road. Pain, feeling like there is nothing in your life that you can control except your own body, anger, frustration, resentment, fear, sadness, and so much more. 

Then I went to college and was out on my own, and I less than 3 years I had gained 50 pounds, that’s right 50. I felt horrible, hated how I looked yet didn’t care.

After college I lost like 40 pounds over the course of a couple years then have slowly put it back on. 

A lot of the whole gaining it back was just out of not caring, as well as a safety mechanism for self protection and self preservation. I could hide behind being the fat girl. 

There have been a couple times in my life when I have really seen my true self worth, and those have been the times when I have wanted to change my lifestyle for the better, and to do it for myself. 

Unlike the BeachBody system where you have to buy their workout systems and Shakeology, with ItWorks, beings healthy food is my normal diet, with having food intolerances, I can still eat normally, and have healthy portions then take the products and help you lose weight. I don’t know how long I will stay on Hair Skin and Nails or Thermo Fit, or if I back off how much I take of them, but I have found the extra kick in the butt to help my lifestyle change stick. Not to mention the community of Loyal Customers and Distributors are amazing. 

Part of why I have chosen to really start getting my body in shape, so I can have an easier time doing the physical activities I enjoy. I live hiking, I want to get into rock climbing. 

I had come to realized that I am example for younger girls. If I am to be a good example for them, I need to get myself together and be the woman I need to be for myself and them. I realized a long time ago that going for a walk (and now hiking) really help me stay strong, stay focused, destress, regroup and come out stronger and fighting to be the best me possible. 

There have been times when I have had a positive body image and rocked it, I am working hard to get back to that girl. I have a great support network now, it’s small but it is solid. 

Getting Back on Track (WIAW)

Hey Everyone!

*I am late getting this posted, I am sorry*

This past week has been a challenge for eating right. I don’t know what it is, whether it is stress, or my schedule being a little off or both, I was craving sugar and sweets this week. Yesterday I caved and made half a batch of chocolate chip cookies. 

For breakfast I had two eating right for gluten free home style waffles, with some spread. I also had four brown and serve turkey sausages and a plate of fruit. I took my iron supplement, vitamin D, Hair Skin and Nails as well as my allergy meds.

About 8:30 I had my greens which I drank with a bottle of Diet Cranberry Juice, and I also took my Greens Chews. 

I have also been drinking a mug of the republic of tea Blackberry Sage tea and water throughout the morning. 

For lunch I had a ham sandwich on franz gluten free bread. I also had a banana and a couple of the cookies I baked yesterday. 

I drank more water throughout the afternoon. 

For dinner I had had some spaghetti and a salad. 

Getting to Work (WIAW)

Hi everyone!

Welcome to another what I ate Wednesday post. If you haven’t already checked out my two week ItWorks update, go check it out and it will help some of this make more sense. 

I am really needing to knuckle down and be better about what I eat and how much. As I gained two weeks in a row on a weight loss program I am obviously doing something wrong. 

I am drinking about as much water as I can, so I am going to be trying to change up when I am drinking it, like drinking at least 8 oz before I eat each meal, as well as 8 oz before and after my greens. I also need to watch portions, snacks and sweets. 

For breakfast I had: an eating right for gluten free brand home style waffle with some earth balance spread, 4 brown and serve turkey breakfast sausages and a plate of fruit. 

With breakfast I took: 2 hair skin and nails tablets, an iron tablet, a vitamin d tablet, a fish oil pill, and an allergy tablet. 

About 8:30 I had my greens chews and berry flavored greens. I had put them in water today, and remembered why I usually put them in cranberry juice. They taste gross on their own. 

Throughout the morning I have been drinking water and my Earl Grey Creme tea. 

About 10:45 am I had a vans cranberry almond bar which is also gluten free and dairy free. 

 For lunch I had a ham sandwich on franz mountain top white gluten free bread, and a banana. 

For an afternoon snack I had some gluten free pretzels and some Daiya onion and chives cream cheese style spread. I also made myself a cup of tea. 

For dinner I had some corned beef, a piece of toast and a salad. I also took my fat fighters for the day. 

ItWorks 2 week update 

Hey Everyone! 

This week marks two weeks of using ItWorks berry flavored Greens on the go and greens chews. I have also been using the advanced formula fat fighters for a week now. I also got my hair skin and nails, which I have been using for five days. 

Here are the measurement changes from last week, and the week before: 

Weight: I gained 0.8 lbs. so I have gained 1.8 pounds in 2 weeks. That is nuts. Now it is time to figure out why I am gaining weight when I should be losing it, and change up how I am doing things. 

Waist: stayed the same from last week which is still down an inch from the previous week. 

Hips: down an inch and a half from last week, making a total of two inches lost since I started. 

Love handles: down half an inch from last week, making for a total of 2.5 inches lost. 

Band size and chest have stayed the same both weeks

Thighs: down 1 inch this week making for a total of two inches lost. 

How I have felt this past week:

For the most part I have felt great. Over the weekend and Monday my body was still getting using to the combination of what I am using so i was a little off, but not too bad. I am feeling fine now. 

This morning I woke up completely exhausted, and felt like I am getting sick. This whole day light savings time thing is seriously messing with me. 

My appetite has been less than it was, which is insane. I haven’t had an allergy headache in two weeks. For the most part I have been sleeping better. 

I am still getting used to how much water I am needing to drink, it is hard at times to drink water when I am not really thirsty.  

Starting on the left, week 2 on the right. 


Creating my own community 

Hey Everyone! 

Today I came to the realization that I, quite possibly will remain a city girl, and part of that remaining a city girl, is to live the small town lifestyle within the city. 

For me it feels crazy to be willing to stay in the city, when there are people who only dream of living here. 

Though I will admit that staying in this city would make my life easier in terms of food and the prevalence of dairy free and gluten free food. Not to mention my favorite bakery is here. 

How I came up with my Blog Name

Hey Everyone!

I can just hear it now, “why is your blog called “A small town girl at heart” when you talk about subject relating to home, be it cleaning products, food, recipes, personal care products, weight loss, and everything like that?” 

I am going to attempt to explain it as best as possible so hopefully most of you will understand where I am coming from and how I came to the name I chose. 

I grew up in the city, but from the time I was about 11 or 12, I felt like there was more to life, or a part of me missing. I also never really felt at home where I lived. Growing up there weren’t really many kids on my street, let alone my age, and it really wasn’t the kind of place where kids played outside, or walked down the street to their friends house. 

At the age of 17, I was looking at colleges two of my top three were in neighboring cities about 2.5 hours away from where I grew up. The third was in this tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. At some point before looking at colleges, I had said to myself “I could never live in a small town”. Then I started going on college visits. The first one I had visited was the largest and most urban, but it terrified me and felt all wrong, the second one was still urban, but was not as terrifying, and wouldn’t have been bad. I went on my third college visit to the college in the small town in the middle of nowhere. It was set with the coast range mountains as a backdrop, the campus was beautiful, but definitely smaller than either of the other two, and most of the buildings lined the Main Street. It was still a little intimidating but something it felt normal and right. I still went on a second campus tour of the second college I had looked at, because it was down to that one and the third college. It was a good school, but every thing inside of me was screaming to go to Western. Before I committed to it I wanted to go on a second tour of school #3, and I knew it was the school for me, it just felt right. So fast forward a few months, and I got my acceptance letter to the school of my choice. Fast forward to the next fall, my first term of college, that was a tough term, dealing with the insanity (for me anyway) of living in the dorm, getting used to being on my own, and college. I had wanted to pack up and move back to the city. My mom made me stay, which now I am glad she did. I moved out of the dorms into a crappy apartment, and life improved a little bit. I still hated that apartment, but I loved that town, and the school and the life I was building there. It was while I was living in that apartment that I began understanding who I was and who I was supposed to become. As crappy as it was that apartment was still my first real home, as much as I hated it, I couldn’t wait to get back to it from the city. It was while living in that apartment that I realized I wasn’t supposed to become a teacher in the traditional, get up every day and teach in a school setting, so I changed my major. I am so glad I did, that following summer I moved into my second apartment, which was in the top floor, and was so much better than the first apartment I had. It was cleaner, newer and larger as well. It was at that point I really knew what home was, and could be like. I lived in that apartment for two years, and it was amazing. I loved living in those two small towns, i knew I was home. 

Home is different for everyone, for me home includes living in a small town, and having my own place to decorate, clean, maintain. Where I can cook and bake in my own kitchen, and so much more. When I think about home I think about that Apartment in the small town in the middle of nowhere. I left my heart there when I had to move back to the city after college. 

Having developed food sensitivities and intolerances has forced me to change how I cook, bake and view food in general. It has also forced me to see how I am tearing my body, and how I view myself. That also goes into how others view me. I have known it for a while that I really need to focus on doing what I need to do for me, even when it isn’t easy. I have also come to the realization I need to get my weight under control again, for many reasons. These reasons include my self confidence and self esteem, as well as being able to do more of what I love as have the endurance to challenge myself. With food intolerances I do a lot more cooking for myself. Along with that comes choices about what I put in my body, and how once I get my own place again, I want to do more homesteading and “old fashioned” kind of stuff. I want to have a garden, then make jam and do some canning during the summer months. So as you might have guessed the whole food and what I eat also ties into the concept of home. 

It took going away for college, and a good year and a half there for me to realize that small town and country life (as well as learning from the women in history, and carrying on that history to preserve it and teach it by living it), is so ingrained in my blood and my heart and has been from the time I was young. 

One day I hope to back to a small town or out in the country and live the life I have spent the past decade fighting for, and embrace the woman who God would have me to be. 

Getting Used to Greens

Hey Everyone!

I am bringing back What I Ate Wednesday posts, largely because I am also doing my ItWorks updates on Wednesday as well, so it is easy enough to be working on the two posts on the same day. It will also help me stay accountable to taking my greens, chews, and supplements as well to eating better, because I am putting out there what I am eating and drinking. 

This morning for breakfast I had a bowl of about a cup of my baked oatmeal that I made Monday evening, and I had some Unsweetened Almond/Coconut milk on it, I also had 4 brown and serve turkey breakfast sausages, and a plate of fruit that had banana, blueberries, strawberries, grape and cantaloupe on it. 

After breakfast I had my ItWorks chews. Throughout the morning I had been working on drinking water. I also drank my berry flavored greens with a 10 oz bottle of ocean spray diet cranberry juice. I also drank a mug of Earl Grey Creme tea with half a tablespoon of C & H washed sugar in the raw. I am working in cutting back the amount of sugar I use, as sugar is one of the biggest reasons behind my recent weight gain. 

I have made it my goal, on the days I am working from home, to drink a minimum of a litre of water though 1.5 to 2 is ideal, on days when I am going out and about (and the convenience of having a bathroom steps away is not there) I try to drink as much of the Litre as possible, but doesn’t always happen. 

Today for lunch, I made myself a grilled ham sandwich, a couple extra pieces of bread and a banana. Yeah, this was a “falling off the bandwagon” lunch, that was loaded in carbs. Sometimes it just happens. I try not to let it happen very often.

I continued working in my first litre of water into the afternoon, and I finished up my tea. 

For dinner I had spaghetti with gluten free penne, a spinach salad with Italian dressing, muddy buddies for dessert and I started in my second litre of water. I also took my first dose of ItWorks advanced formula Fat Fighter. 

Week 1 of ItWorks

Hey Everyone!

I have been on it works for a week now. I have noticed that I have been feeling better, my allergies are still present but I haven’t had a ln allergy headache at all this week. I have also been sleeping better. 

 This week I just did the greens and chews the whole week. I am waiting for my Fat Fighters and Hair, Skin and Nails supplements to arrive, which I should have by this weekend. I am ready to kick it into high gear, especially after seeing the picture of myself last week. I am so over being this fat.

Here are changes that have occurred this past week: I gained a pound (boo), that’s the bad news. The good news is that I lost and inch in my waist, half an inch around my hips, and 2 inches around my love handles. 

Last week is on the left, this week (after a week on greens alone) on the right.  
 This week I am going to be starting hair, skin and nails, so I made sure to get a good picture of where my hair falls on my shoulders/back so I have something to compare progress to. 

I will likely be posting hair pictures on more of a monthly basis, rather than a weekly basis. 

Tea and ItWorks

Hey Everyone!

I am nearing the end of my first week of it works greens and chews. So far it has been going well for me.  I will be interested in seeing if I have lost any weight this past week. I will find out Wednesday morning. 

This past weekend was incredibly busy that I was doing good to manage two meals a day. That is so typical me though. In college I regularly went without lunch. Lunch is the hardest meal for me to eat and figure out what to have. Especially since most of the time I either not have 30 minutes or am on the go that lunch gets bypassed. I feel like if I had the time and money I would totally do a better job of eating 5 or six smaller meals, or 3 slightly larger meals with healthy morning and afternoon snacks in between. 

Last week or the week before I had ordered tea from teavana, which is really a treat for me. It arrived today. I had ordered Snow Geisha which is a white tea with cherries and cranberries, Emperor’s clouds and mist, which is a green tea from China, and two bags of Earl Grey Creme tea. Being that I went off coffee, and I am trying to limit my caffeine consumption to one mug of black tea a day, I have been branching out and trying different teas. I know I like Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea, Royal English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey Creme tea from Teavana. I have also found that I like lotus tea and Tazo Passion Tea. I will have to see how I like the white and green teas I got from Teavana. I had also gotten a free sample tea in my order from Teavana – maharaja chai oolong tea. Chai’s are hit and miss with me. If they are mild I enjoy them, but if the spices are too strong then I am definitely not a fan. This chai tea was too strong for my tastes. I definitely take after the English and Scottish when it comes to my tea choices. I like a good cup of tea that is largely from the UK (and Ireland). 

I typically drink the green, white and herbal teas in the afternoon and limit my caffeine consumption. I gave up coffee because the caffeine and acid where negatively affecting me. It was hard at first, but I am glad I did. I also love the variety of teas.