New Year; ready for change

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a few months since my last post, I know. Life has been busy, as well as the days getting shorter and the holidays in full swing I got off track in clean eating. 

That off track lasted from at least November until this past week, so for about 3 months. I have really felt the whole thing. I have not felt as well, I have gained a lot of weight and feel like crap. 

The days being short is not an excuse for not eating well. I just had lost the will power to eat right and stay away from foods I shouldn’t eat.

I hate feeling like crap and being at a weight I had hoped I would have never seen again after college, it is time to do something. 

Part of my problem is that I live in the city, working an “office” job and live somewhere, where I can’t have my own garden. I have been looking for a better job, and preferably one that would allow me to get outside more. 

The past few days I have been getting ideas for lunches that are healthy and taste good, as I have gotten tired of grilled ham sandwiches and a banana. Part of my problem is that my living situation has made me lazy, because I don’t have my own kitchen like I did in college, so what I am able to keep on hand is minimal and not the best. 

I also don’t keep healthy snacks around. I also don’t keep hiking snacks on hand, which is another story. I want to do more hiking, and a lot of it. 

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