Grocery Shopping Challenges

Hey Everyone!

Lately I have been struggling with how much I spend on groceries, and feel like I am spending more than I should, and a lot of it has to with having food intolerances.

I spend roughly $75 – $100 a week on groceries, bearing in mind I can’t eat anything containing even trace amounts of dairy, and very little gluten. Eating healthy, and staying full throughout the day have become a challenge for me without spending an arm and a leg.

I do try to get the almond coconut milk that I use at the lowest possible price. I also bake my own gluten free/dairy free bread, make my own cookies, and I try to make as much from scratch as I can because it is less expensive. I don’t know if it is just part of living in Portland, and Portland has expensive groceries or what.

so I am trying to change things up and see what I can do to eat healthy and cut costs.

I have also been considering a costco membership for at least a year, and see if I can save some money on things like coconut chips, dried cherries, and anything else I can find that I can use.


3 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Challenges

  1. The way to save money on groceries is to do it yourself, but it takes up a lot of time.
    My sister is superwoman, she had a husband and 5kids and between their allergies it’s: no gluten, no dairy, no honey.
    She grows their vegetables, they had a couple chickens, she gets bulk lots of fresh goats milk at a discount and freezes them.
    She bakes everything, grinding up her own rice flour, replacing milk and butter with water and a bit of oil.
    Last summer she got a ton of free fruit by asking for the seconds or slightly imperfect fruits off small orchards and local people and she spent hours picking them. Then she preserved them, also making tomato sauces and chutneys, and even has a dehumidifier for making dried fruit.
    She makes her own tortilla wraps, pizza bases, museli bars, bread. Big batches of soup and freezes them…
    They need bugger all from the supermarket, but yeah it’s hard and time consuming.

    1. I would if I had the time, but I work full time and live in the city, so right now most of that is out of the question.

  2. Eating Well, cooking from Scratch. Shop WinCo. I live on SSI-733/mth, and eat very well, Quinoa/ Brown Basmati, organic foods, Tempeh, Tofu, some chicken and Pork Loin. WinCo is the only store, maybe visiting TJ’s every now n’ then. Food is medicine. It keeps you healthy. I spend $350 on food monthly, that’s normal to eat well. in Portland OR Avoid Supermarkets, Safeway, Thriftway/Albersons. Avoid New seasons, except every now n’ then; Their Produce is Special. Farmer’s Markets/Food Banks essential of good living. Shop Sales, Buy Bulk Foods, avoid processed foods

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