Diets, Eating Disorders and Coming to terms with my Body

Hey Everyone!

The past couple of weeks I have eaten less, and have had some food intolerance related issues, as well as having fit in going for a walk as many days as I could. I weighed myself this past Friday, and I was down 9 pounds from what I had been two weeks previously. I know that is a lot and more than double what is recommended. I honestly was not trying to lose much weight I just did. I know that 1 to 2 pounds a week is what is recommended.

My weight has always been a struggle, and a topic of conversation that one of my grandmothers felt the need to discuss, and tried (and failed) to get me on diets from a young age (think single digits), to having all the signs and symptoms of early stages of Anorexia in high school, to then getting to my highest weight to prove a point in college. From there I developed food intolerances, and now I am just trying to live a healthy life.

I am trying to eat better over all but allow myself to have treats once in a while. I have found that having a cheat day or a real treat once a month actually helps me stay on track over all. Having food intolerances has really forced me to learn how and enjoy eating healthy. I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables now. I also drink a lot more water now that I gave up coffee 11 months ago. If you had told me five years ago that in five years that I would not be able to eat any dairy, very little gluten, I would be off coffee, and actually be completely ok with it all I would have told you that you were crazy, but here I am, dealing with the issues that I have and making the best of it.

I know the subject of eating disorders is like walking on egg shells, and that people don’t like talking about it, and there are so many cases that go unnoticed and undealt with. Beings that I am blogging about food, getting fit, body image and such this is as good as any place to talk about my own experience with being the “fat kid” which had a lot to do with why I had, and still struggle with having an eating disorder.

I can only speak for my own experience, and I will write a post, eventually about that period in my life, but know that I have struggled with it.

In college I got to my highest weight, because I didn’t care, I was eating my emotions and I had a point to prove, that I was on my own so I was going to eat whatever I wanted to eat and no one was going to tell me know.

Now, with having food intolerances as well as my love of being in the great outdoors, hiking, going on adventures, and just a determination to live a healthy life with being in a middle road, where I eat and get full but I choose healthy foods, and eat proper portions, I am wanting to live the best life I can live while dealing with my own body image issues.

Recovery is possible, but takes hard work, determination and a choice that has to be made for it to be successful. Doing it alone is even more difficult. I know I just started sharing that fact that I have struggled with an eating disorder and body image issues in the past year. The people I have told so far are very close to me, and they didn’t freak out, but a lot of people don’t know, and those are the ones who will freak out on me. Fortunately I am at a better place in my life, and can handle the criticism for controlling the one thing I had in my control at that time.

Going Vegetarian for the Summer

Hey Everyone!

I have decided that once I finish eating the meat I have in the fridge and freezer (which will be during this next week), I am going to be spending the summer eating only vegetarian. This decision did not come easily to me, but rather, because I am tired of being sick and tired. I want to feel at my best, and I am not quite there. I realize that getting complete proteins will be harder while adhering to a vegetarian diet, and I am preparing myself for that. I am doing my research, and my homework so that I get complete protein as well as begin eating a lot more fruits and vegetables.

I have set this challenge for the summer as locally grown fruits and vegetables are plentiful. Come Fall, if adhering to being vegetarian is too difficult for me to strictly adhere to, then I will limit the amount of chicken I will eat, but incorporate it back into my diet.

It seems like the only meat my body really tolerates is poultry. So I am wanting to find other alternative complete proteins to keep things interesting.

I am hoping this summer will help me reset my body, and really start feeling at my best.