What I eat now

In college I had given up eating beef and drinking milk but was still eating yogurt, cottage cheese, butter, cheese and ice cream. After college I began eating beef and drinking/using milk until I had gotten a crazy bug or virus that attacked my gi tract and I have not been the same since then. I now do use any form of milk, whether it came from a cow, sheep or goat. I can’t eat any dairy. I have also greatly reduced the amount of gluten I eat, as well as rarely drinking coffee, and not eating tuna or beef. 

I still eat chicken, eggs, salmon, trout, Scallops, rice, quinoa, other grains not containing gluten, fruit, vegetables honey and nuts. 

I am also working on greatly reducing the amount of processed sugar and breads that I eat. While this is hard for me, I am trying.

Instead of coffee I drink tea and a lot more water. 

Now that I have been without dairy for 2.5 years (I tried just doing lactose free for the first  year, but that really didn’t help me at all), gluten free for a year and a half and coffee free for 10 months, I feel better than I ever have. While these foods didn’t make me sick like they do now, they have forced me to really love a better and healthier  lifestyle. 

Grocery shopping has also become easier because I know what I like and can eat, so the hard part is figuring out how to season chicken and salmon differently. 

On the whole I don’t see my diet as restricted (I only have a couple of times in 3.5 years), and it has been a welcome challenge to try new things. 

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