Jumping on the Clean Eating Bandwagon 

Hey Everyone!

Who here like to eat boring food with any flavor? Who here likes to eat vegetables? Who equates boring food without flavor to vegetables?

I am here to tell you that vegetables don’t have to be plain and boring. Herbs and spices are a cooks best friend. 

I too used to equate plain, boring food that didn’t taste good with vegetables. As I have gotten older, learned to cook, developed food intolerances and just wanted to try new things, I began trying new healthy recipes. 

Of late I have been stuck in a rut food wise, and now I am breaking free. I bought myself a clean eating cookbook and a quick & easy vegan cookbook a couple weeks ago and now I am breaking them out and trying new recipes.  

I am also doing clean eating on a budget, which is so far going well. Beings that I wasn’t buying any chicken I was able to get what o needed on my list an stick to my budget.


For lunch I had made Sicilian Bruschetta on gluten free bread, and I had a coconut milk yogurt and some lotus green tea.


For my dinners during this next week I made tropical quinoa, which also has black beans in it. Brings that quinoa is a complete protein, the black beans just help bulk it out and help fill you up. The recipe I used called for mango, but I am really not a fan of mangoes so I used pineapple instead. 

Hiccups along the way. 

Hey Everyone!

The past week has been difficult and a bump in the road. With family visiting from out of town, working out was non existent and I haven’t eating as well. Now that my family is gone I have been working out again, and working toward eating clean again. The last few days I have been craving sugar, so tonight I caved and got some sugar. 

Despite this hiccup, I am still resolved and committed to clean eating and excercising 5 to 6 times a week. 

I am really wanting to get in shape, to help me in the future. I am wanting to make a better future for myself.