Clean Eating and Fitness Goals

Hey Everyone! 

I have to say that the first 5 day clean eating challenge I had done was hard for me, and I didn’t really get it. Now, a month after I had started that first challenge, and almost two weeks into my first 21 day clean eating challenge, it is hard, but I am loving it. 

Clean eating is all about eating the right kinds of food. It is really a good balanced diet. It is not some fad diet that once you go off it you gain all the weight back. It is a long term lifestyle change. It is all about eating a well balanced diet that cuts out the processed junk food that is loaded with sugar and bad fat, that has become a staple of our society. It then replaces that with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, minimally processed meats, eggs. This is what I have been looking for, for a long time. 

Combining clean eating with daily exercise gets good results. I am not here to promote any one company or gym  for work outs, as I plan to incorporating a lot of different work out methods over time. Right now I have PiYo, by Beachbody, and am waiting on my 21 day fix program. I am also waiting on my order of Shakology. I am wanting to try this stuff, but it is not my be all end all work out program. I also go for walks a lot. 

In time, when I am a bit stronger, lighter, and more flexible I want to give bouldering another try. Part of what I had trouble with the last time was not having the strength and flexability to maneuver around, and my weight got in my way. I by no means want to be “ripped” but being more agile is high on my list. I love hiking, so being more agile and comfortable with rock climbing and bouldering would be a good skill to have. 

I know I have mentioned in other posts that I don’t have a specific weight goal, but rather a jeans size goal. I don’t have a weight goal, because I am hoping to lose fat and work on toning my muscles. With the whole muscle weighs more than fat train of knowledge in the back of my head, I know that while I might weigh more than I’d want per say, what size of clothes I can wear says a lot more. I am wanting to get down to a U.S. Or at least Old Navy size 10 jeans. 

I know I can do it, and this time do it right this time. Starving myself is not an option. Eating right and exercising is how I am going to achieve my goals. 

While I have a couple of personal reasons in the back of my head as to why I am doing this, the overlaying reason is I am doing it because I want to do it for myself, and there is no better time than now. 

Below are two pictures of me, a couple weeks ago, at the start of the 21 day challenge. I hate how big I am, and this is not the biggest I have ever been. I was at my biggest during my senior year of college. 


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