Committed to a New Lifestyle

Hey Everyone!

Working from Home really has shaken up my eating habits. It has made it easier to want to change up my diet for the better. I am eating a lot more fruit and vegetables, and balancing out the breads and meats.

These changes have gotten me really considering how and what I eat, and food’s impact on my Body. This is a personal decision I had come to on my own. I am not sponsored by anyone, or any company. I finally got tired of being sick and tired. I got tired of feeling gross all the time, and having sugar crash headaches. The past few days I have been feeling pretty good. It is really about committing to a lifestyle change that is for the better. If I can commit to going Gluten and Dairy Free, what is stopping me from living a truly healthy lifestyle. I have no intention of going vegetarian or vegan, and having either be my lifestyle (though I do opt for vegan when I am out, just because of the dairy free aspect).

I believe I mentioned in my last post that I want to get into Rock Climbing and Bouldering. With that I need to work on getting down to a healthy weight, and working on toning my muscles. Beings that muscle weighs more than fat, I wouldn’t mind so much having a larger number on the scale, as long as I can wear smaller clothes, and be able to take on any physical activity I want with ease.


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