Journey to the Me I want to Be

Good Evening All!

Today was a cheat day, beings that i had helped a friend and her husband move, and they bought pizza. I am sure I my tummy will be paying for it.

What I really wanted to talk about, is that I have decided to do a 21 day clean eating challenge. With that, I will also be working out. I decided to give PiYo a try, and to combine it with going for walks and hikes. I am really trying to get into shape, as I feel that my weight, and lack of endurance and muscle tone are really hindering me, for what I want to do career wise. I don’t know for sure what I want to do for a career, I do know that getting my body into shape will help me with each and every one of the possibilities.

I have no intention of sharing my actual starting weight or measurements, at least not yet anyway. I plan to share my progress, meal ideas, workouts, and such with you guys. My Food Intolerances are only a part of who I am, but a huge part. With that, I want to focus on the whole big picture of getting in shape, but keeping the primary focus of the foods that I am eating to help me keep my food intolerances in check, but also in losing weight, and living a healthy lifestyle.

I am going to be posting my journey to being the healthier me that will allow me to have more opportunities to have the lifestyle I want to have, under the Journey to the Me I want to Be category. I am doing this for those of you who want to follow along with my journey, with the ups and downs, struggles and triumphs of my journey. I want to be able to go on long adventures and have the endurance, energy, and stamina to go on longer more challenging hikes, and not bat an eye. I want to go bouldering and rock climbing with friends. I am taking ownership, and changing what I can change for the right reasons.


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