What I ate Wednesday

Hey everyone!

I am back with what I ate Wednesday!

I don’t have any pictures from breakfast this morning, as I over slept and scrambled to get out of the house on time. This morning I had gluten free & dairy free pumpkin spice waffles, some brown and serve breakfast sausages and a plate of fruit.

Throughout the morning at work I drank my tea that I had brought with me in a travel mug. At 10:00 I had a clif bar, for my mid-morning snack. I keep a stash of clif bars in my desk so that I don’t have to keep bringing them from home.


/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/26b/70492395/files/2015/01/img_0487.jpg for lunch I had brought my lunch with me. I had made it last night and put it in my lunch carrier this morning. I had a gluten free and dairy free ham sandwich, an organic golden delicious apple, gluten free pretzels, a chocolate chip cookie and a cranberry splash Sierra mist.

For dinner I heated up chicken that I made over the weekend, sautéed mushrooms, a salad, some hummus and corn chips.



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