Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to take a little time and talk about Probiotics. I started taking them about 2 years ago, and found that they have definitely helped. I have to make sure that the one I buy are dairy free and gluten free, but they do exist. The Safeway care brand of strawberry flavored chewable Probiotics are gluten and dairy free, as is Nature’s Bounty Acidophilus Probiotic tablets. While I prefer the Safeway brand chewables, as they have 2 different strains of probiotics the natures bounty tablets that you swallow work as well.

I have found that when I have been taking probiotics and have unintentionally ingested dairy that the reaction my body has to the dairy is less severe. I still react negatively to eating dairy, so I avoid it at all costs, but for those rare occasions I do eat it, having been taking probiotics has helped me only have mild symptoms.

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