What I eat is up to Me

How has going Dairy and Gluten changed my perspective on food as a whole?

That is a deep question that goes back to before I even had to go Dairy and Gluten free. It had really begun while I was in college, and over the course of 2.5 years (mid 2009 to the end of 2011) how I saw food had begun to change. Once whatever stomach bug I had had in November 2011 had hit, there was no going back to the old ways. While I doubt I will ever become the crunchy granola hippie only shop at new seasons or trader joes type, I am definitely not 100% mainstream grilled cheese or Bologna on wonder bread only shop at the local supermarket type either. Having food intolerances as well as making choices for myself. I do shop at new seasons regularly for certain items, as well as Bob’s Red Mill for flour, pasta, and other baking goods, and then fill in with what else I need from Fred Meyer. I love shopping organic fruits and vegetables, I do think they taste better. I also prefer natural and non -gmo foods.

A lot of it came out of that is what a lot of the good Gluten free and Dairy Free food is, but it is also a personal choice for stuff like fruit, vegetables and meat. Now that I am working and have the money to buy my own food, I can buy what I choose to, and cook it. What I eat is up to me.

I am “alternative” in that I am gluten free and dairy free, and choose organic, cage free/grass fed when at all possible, but I am mainstream in that I still eat meat, shop some at regular stores and make my alternative foods look and taste as “normal” as I can, as it is how so grew up.

Stay tuned in January as I have a weekly/regular shopping trip post planned as well as a stock up trip planned so you can get an idea of why I buy for myself.


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