Major GF Stock Up

I know I am getting low on baking supplies when a trip to Bob’s Red Mill, includes all the flours I will need to make each of the flour mixes I use (a total of 9 packages of flours) and yeast.

Beings that I got paid yesterday, I knew I would be able to go to Bob’s Red Mill to pick up what I needed to make more flour mixes, so that I could make more bread and cookies for my lunches.

While sticking to a Gluten Free and Dairy Free diet isn’t always easy or fun, it is totally worth it to have to worry about what I eat, so that I am not sick. There are times when I wish I could be normal, just so I could enjoy certain foods. At the same time I am grateful for having to deal with what I do deal with. Before my body couldn’t tolerate dairy, gluten or coffee, I didn’t understand what those with food intolerances and food allergies had to go through on an every day basis. Like most of those who don’t choose or don’t have to look for dairy and gluten in foods, I used to think they were weird, and a bit crazy, for being so paranoid about reading labels. Now that I have been doing it myself for three years, I get it. I have become one of those paranoid label readers.

While I was out shopping today I had picked up some lunch meat for myself that I know is Gluten Free. I had eaten some here recently that had wheat in it, and it totally had an affect on my body. Now that I am working, I am going to be buying my own lunch meat, and getting the kinds that don’t have preservatives, gluten or dairy in them.

I had also picked up hummus, chips, more spread for my bread and waffles and such.

I really didn’t much in the way of strictly DF stuff, as I have plenty of almond coconut milk in the pantry. Today was more about getting GF food (that was also DF).


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