What I Ate Wednesday

I have done What I Ate Wednesday posts on one of my other blogs, before I had started this blog. Now that I have this blog, that is all about gluten free and dairy free food, and with returning to work here in the near future, I thought it would be time to start writing What I Ate Wednesday posts.

I don’t know how soon I will start them, I am looking at starting them in the next month, once I get in and get going at my new job.

With my new job, I am looking to be able to fill in my diet with healthy mid morning and mid afternoon snacks, that would include organic fruit, hummus and clif bars. Being able to eat healthy, locally grown or produced foods is important to me. About the only thing I miss about my last job is that there was a Co-op (cooperative) grocery store a block away from the studio.

While there are a couple of Trader Joe’s stores nearby where I live, I prefer New Seasons, and Whole Foods. When is comes to cost New Seasons is better, but I had just gotten accustom to the Whole Foods near where I used to work, which is why I think I prefer Whole Foods a bit better. Though there are more New Seasons stores near where I live and will be working.


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