Taking a Multivitamin

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to talk a bit about taking a multivitamin. I started taking a multivitamin a couple of months ago because I was worried about getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals due to being gluten and dairy free. I was also concerned about getting enough calcium, vitamin D, and Iron, because I am a woman, where I live, and the fact that I know I have been low on Iron (but not fully anemic) in the past. Living north of the 45 parallel, many who live here don’t get enough vitamin D from the sun, so many don’t get the recommended/required amount of vitamin D that they need.

When looking for a good multivitamin I also read the ingredients list to make sure that it is Gluten Free and Dairy Free. It’s crazy what they put Gluten and Dairy in, you wouldn’t expect them to put gluten and dairy in vitamin’s and supplements, but they do. Reading labels is important.

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