Bob’s Red Mill

Bob’s Red Mill – I love this place, it is pretty much a baker/cook’s heaven, even more so for those who are Gluten Free (and like myself who are Gluten and Dairy Free). I love that their flours are stone ground, natural and all around better for you. They have a good variety of wheat flours (whole wheat and regular), as well as the largest assortment of gluten free flours, flour mixes, and so much more that I have seen anywhere. They also carry baking aids (like baking powder, baking soda, potato starch, corn starch, yeast, xanthan gum, guar gum, and that kind of thing). They have an Aisle of rice, an aisle of beans, honey, syrup. They have an area of bulk goods, and an area of baking and cook books, and their bakery area. 

My most recent trip there was this past Friday. I needed to get more flours to make up the two flour mixes I use for baking. I love that it is a local company (for me anyway) and that all the flours and such are made in USA (their manufacturing plant is maybe a couple miles from their retail store). So it is one company that is definitely helped the economy. There is a demand for their products, which are sold in their retail store, online, and in some area grocery retailers. 




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