What is it like to have Food Intolerance’s?

This summer, my having food intolerances has come up fairly often. I am about 3 months shy of it being 3 years that I have been dealing with food intolerances. 

A lot of responses and questions I get, are “I couldn’t live without Dairy”, “How do you do it”, “It must be difficult”, “You are doing really well with having these food intolerances”. A lot of how I respond to these are just in that the only other choice that I have besides dealing with it head on, is being sick all the time, and that is the last thing I want. I have learned in the past 3 years (I am rounding up for easy reference), on how to make food that doesn’t make me sick. Early on in not being able to have dairy, especially, it was the hardest and I still wanted dairy for a long time afterward. Gluten and Caffeine (after the first couple of weeks) were so much easier. Once I was used to reading labels for dairy, adding in wheat and gluten was not as difficult for me. My brain was already in the mode of reading labels. I often tell people that it is just how my life is now, and there is no reason for me to be upset about it, or complain about it, it wouldn’t do me any good. It is what it is, and I just deal with it. The challenge of it, makes it fun. I try new things and see if they turn out and taste good. 

Thinking about how long I am going to be out of the house and where I am going, dictates a bit of if I go or not (if it is a large group and there are to many going to make it fee sable for me to cook for myself, I may opt out, or go for a day). If I go somewhere where it would be relatively easy to cook for myself, or I am just going for a day and bring food for myself, I still can go and do things. I just have to think about food more than most people do. 

It doesn’t “suck” to be me. The first year I may have agreed with that. I have adjusted, and taking care of myself is my new normal. I think about it, in choosing what I eat, but not so much anymore in how it affects my life. 


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