Fast Food

I don’t know about anyone else who has food intolerances, but in the almost 3 years i have had food intolerances, I have done so much home cooking for myself that now I really can’t stand the smell of greasy fried fast food (like what you find most of in your downtown area). It just smells disgusting to me. I had not really noticed it until this week. I don’t normally spend much time downtown (in the city where I live), and I haven’t really been downtown much at all since returning from New York (which was prior to the onset of my food intolerances). Having spent three full work days on jury duty downtown, and leaving the courthouse for lunch I really had all the smells hit me (and mind you it is the dead of summer) so the heat just made it more intense, and it was just like “whoa, get me away from all of this”. 


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