Almost a month with no coffee

I just had to go and pick one of the busiest months I would have to give up coffee. This month I have knit up two baby blankets in two weeks, was a crew leader at Vacation Bible School the following week, and had 3 full days of jury duty this week. I think I must have been crazy, but being crazy has worked. 

This past week I reintroduced a small amount of caffeine back in through a cup of Vanilla Chai Tea in the morning. Otherwise I am completely caffeine free. I started drinking a mug of black tea in the mornings, last week during VBS. I needed a little something, but I have found that it is not enough to be affecting my body the way coffee was. Black tea has about half the caffeine of a cup of black coffee (if not less), I have been drinking a lot more water and herbal tea. 

I have definitely noticed that I am sleeping better, and I am able to fall asleep faster. I also have noticed that I get tired earlier in the evening, so I am able to go easily go to bed by 10:30 or 11:00 rather than well after midnight. 

It is going to be interesting to see how I do during the winter months without the level of caffeine I have been used to in years past. 


What is it like to have Food Intolerance’s?

This summer, my having food intolerances has come up fairly often. I am about 3 months shy of it being 3 years that I have been dealing with food intolerances. 

A lot of responses and questions I get, are “I couldn’t live without Dairy”, “How do you do it”, “It must be difficult”, “You are doing really well with having these food intolerances”. A lot of how I respond to these are just in that the only other choice that I have besides dealing with it head on, is being sick all the time, and that is the last thing I want. I have learned in the past 3 years (I am rounding up for easy reference), on how to make food that doesn’t make me sick. Early on in not being able to have dairy, especially, it was the hardest and I still wanted dairy for a long time afterward. Gluten and Caffeine (after the first couple of weeks) were so much easier. Once I was used to reading labels for dairy, adding in wheat and gluten was not as difficult for me. My brain was already in the mode of reading labels. I often tell people that it is just how my life is now, and there is no reason for me to be upset about it, or complain about it, it wouldn’t do me any good. It is what it is, and I just deal with it. The challenge of it, makes it fun. I try new things and see if they turn out and taste good. 

Thinking about how long I am going to be out of the house and where I am going, dictates a bit of if I go or not (if it is a large group and there are to many going to make it fee sable for me to cook for myself, I may opt out, or go for a day). If I go somewhere where it would be relatively easy to cook for myself, or I am just going for a day and bring food for myself, I still can go and do things. I just have to think about food more than most people do. 

It doesn’t “suck” to be me. The first year I may have agreed with that. I have adjusted, and taking care of myself is my new normal. I think about it, in choosing what I eat, but not so much anymore in how it affects my life. 


Fast Food

I don’t know about anyone else who has food intolerances, but in the almost 3 years i have had food intolerances, I have done so much home cooking for myself that now I really can’t stand the smell of greasy fried fast food (like what you find most of in your downtown area). It just smells disgusting to me. I had not really noticed it until this week. I don’t normally spend much time downtown (in the city where I live), and I haven’t really been downtown much at all since returning from New York (which was prior to the onset of my food intolerances). Having spent three full work days on jury duty downtown, and leaving the courthouse for lunch I really had all the smells hit me (and mind you it is the dead of summer) so the heat just made it more intense, and it was just like “whoa, get me away from all of this”. 


Day 9 of No Coffee

Hey Everyone! 

I have been off caffeine for a week now, and I actually feel really good. It really has not been as hard as I thought it was going to be. The first few days were the hardest.

Over the past week I have been drinking a lot more water, just because I have actually been really thirsty. Before going off coffee I was doing good at drinking one tall cup of water a day, but this past week I have been drinking at least 3 or 4. 

I have also found that I really like the Tazo Passion Tea. It is an Herbal tea, so there is no caffeine in it. It is so good. Normally I have a hard time going through an entire box of tea, but I doubt I will have any problems with this as well. 

Since giving up coffee and caffeine I have notice that my sleep schedule has changed. I am going to bed earlier and waking up a bit earlier. I have also noticed that it is not as hard for me to fall asleep. I have also been eating a bit more throughout the day, and I am no longer going from full to hungry to the point of eating anything I can get my hands on pretty much and still not being full. 

The general consensus is that I feel like a normal person. For years I knew that if I were to get married and then have kids that I would have to give up coffee during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. By going off caffeine now, the whole process will be done before I get another job, and long before I really have to think about it for having kids. 

Day 2 of No Caffeine

Hey Everyone! 

I am going off coffee and caffeine in general. I have been an avid consumer for years, and it is finally catching up with me. I know that going off coffee won’t be easy, but I am hoping that in about a month or so, that I actually have found a new normal. 

I was totally expecting the whole grumpy, tired, not wanting to be around people thing to happen, and it has hit. I am definitely an emotional train wreak at times, and it is not fun. I also have not been hungry really today. That is kind of weird, I am normally getting really hungry by 4 pm, and that is with having a late breakfast. Today I had a normal breakfast at a normal time, and was not hungry at 4:00, and I had not even had lunch. I had to force myself to eat a salad and some breakfast links, because I knew I needed the calories. I could get used to the reduced appitite, and I know it would do my body good to lose some weight. 

I have also been tired and moody today, which I totally expected, as caffeine is a stimulant and a drug and I knew going into this it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park (as I have been drinking coffee daily for more than a decade). I have also noticed that I have been drinking way more water than I had even a couple days ago. I have also slept better the last couple of nights. Of late I would wake up with a head ache, but I have been virtually headache free for a good 36 hours. 


Going off Coffee

Hey Everyone!

I have been drinking coffee pretty much daily for years, and never really thought much of it.

I have been doing some reading (oh horrors right?) and with knowing some family history, I have decided to give up coffee and see how it goes.

This comes with an over all shift in that I am trying to really eat better. I have found a couple of herbal teas that I really like so that should help when I want something got to drink.